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5 Reasons Why Laying Down Your Zeon Zoysia Sod Over Existing Grass Is a Bad Idea

Do you want to know why laying down Zeon zoysia sod over existing grass is a big mistake? Read this! No one wants to look at a dull yard the first thing they enter any new space. To make your dark yard more delightful, you can invest in fresh sod from Atlanta Sod Farms they’ll help you get the marvelous green bedding you wish to have for your lawns.

It is especially important to know what’s the best time and way to lay your sod properly. We know you don’t want to start the hassle of seeding new grass from scratch for that fuller look. But this doesn’t mean you can just roll your sod over existing grass patches. As tempting as it sounds, laying sod over existing grass can have many adverse effects.

  1. Affects Root Growth of Zeon Zoysia:

    When you think about laying your beautiful sod over your existing grass patches, instead of saving you time, it will cost you more effort and maintenance. Zeon zoysia sod is one of the best-sellers at Atlanta Sod Farms and if it is laid over existing grass, its shallow roots find it difficult to reach the soil making it difficult to grow and flourish. It is extremely important to make sure the roots are in direct contact with the soil so it can extract all the nutrients and water properly. It is considered ideal to use a sod cutter to remove all the existing grass before laying down your beautiful lush green Zeon zoysia sods from us.

  2. Rotting, Dried, and Dead Zoysia Sod:

    Just like other plants if your Zoysia or Bermuda sods from Atlanta Sod Farms are not able to establish a proper root system they will turn yellow and dry up. Worst case scenario, your impressive sods will start to rot and die before time. 

    With existing grass beneath your sod, many nicks and gaps may establish resulting in improper contact with your sod and soil. This will disturb the required flora and result in misalignments in your sod. To prevent any unwanted drying and rotting of your premium sods from Atlanta Sod Farms, buyers are advised to make sure there is no hindrance in the contact between your selected sod and soil surface.

  3. Re-Infestation Problems:

    Many types of grass have experienced infestations of weeds and pests and have been treated before. If you lay down your sod directly over this infestation-treated grass, it will risk the spoilage of sod. 

    As previously discussed, due to disturbance in growth, your Zeon zoysia sod will shrink over time, resulting in creating patches over your beautiful sod. Infestations like weeds and wild shrubs are more likely to invade and make their way through making your beautiful space look messy. By removing all the existing grass, you make sure your ravishing Zeon zoysia sod remains harmless and gives your yard a head-turning appearance.

  4. Drainage and Flooding Struggles:

    Keeping in mind your local climate is quite important when it comes to selecting the right sod for your space. We provide a wide range of sods suitable for climate fluctuation from hot to cold.  If you live in a sub-tropical area like Georgia, with more humidity, you must go for moisture and humidity resistance sods such as; Zeon zoysia, Centipede grass sod, Emerald zoysia, or Bermuda grass. But, along with this, it’s also important that your sod is not laid over existing grass that raises the height of your sod. If there are uneven patches beneath your laid Zeon zoysia sod, it will create space for water to gush in causing flooding and overflowing.

    During heavy rains, this water can move toward your driveways and patios creating a mess. This makes it necessary to make sure your Zeon zoysia sod is laid over a thoroughly cleaned and flat surface directly in contact with the soil.

  5. Time-Consuming Preps:

    Rolling over your sod on an existing space with grass may sound like a blessing in disguise but it is not! Your current space with grass will cause you to do continuous sessions of trimming and mowing to keep your newly laid sod fresh and fuller. Your grass must be mowed to the ground repeatedly and even to avoid any infestations or nutrient hoarding

    This strenuous prep work will make you sweat more than enjoy your freshly laid sod. To feel good in your space laid with quality sod from Atlanta Sod Farms, it is advised by we to remove all the existing grasses once and then lay your sod seamlessly.

Many types of sod such as Zeon zoysia and Emerald zoysia sod require less maintenance if laid properly and can give your space a refreshing and soothing look. It is more appropriate to fix all the existing issues with your settings so that you can start with a blank canvas. Consulting with Atlanta Sod Farms at (404) 631-7610 can be quite helpful for you to know what sod suits you best. Our team will also help you access all the sod that fits your needs and budget alike. 

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