Jamur Zoysia

The attraction to JaMur Zoysia is heavily based on the fact that it is the most drought tolerant zoysia available. The dense, lush turf is known for taking on a beautiful blue-green color, and recovering quickly from heavy traffic. Because JaMur Zoysia is so tolerant to drought conditions it is adaptable to full sun and moderate shade and requires significantly less watering. The drought tolerance also makes it one of the most versatile of all the warm season turf grasses. It's an extremely compact turf that has an excellent regrowth rate.

JaMur Zoysia is a kind of Zoysia grass which has the toughest characteristics as compared to other grass types which have the ability to survive severe drought. It makes the user easier to manage even with less amount of water. It can best grow where there is full sunlight and can endure in the shade as well. But at the same time looks beautiful when installed in the right way. The turf of this Zoysia is tightly packed with each other making the growth speed swift. Atlanta Sod Farm provides this grass having bluish green shade. Not only it can survive extreme weather but also can handle different levels of the hot climate. Along with less water used, the cost of fertilizer is also reduced. The planter can use very less quantity of fertilizer for it. The flexible features of this grass will help you in many ways. There are people who are too busy in their lives and work and have little or no time to maintain their gardens and backyards. For them, this JaMur Zoysia is the best decision because very less attention is required for it. The tough characteristic makes it immune to heavy damage done by walking, running and other sports activities. Along with not needing much water, JaMur Zoysia doesn't need much fertilizer either. If your busy schedule doesn't allow you to give your lawn the attention it needs, JaMur Zoysia might be the sod grass option for you.

Hot Weather ToleranceGood
Shade ToleranceGood
Wear ResistanceExcellent
Salt ToleranceGood
Injury RecoveryExcellent
Winter ColorDormant
Mowing Height2 inches. Disease, Weed, and Insect resistance: Very good weed suppression, low disease problems and insect problems.
Soil and FertilizerUse 10-10-10 at rate of 10 pounds per 1,000 feet in spring for green-up and same application mid to late summer. p.H. level of 5.5 to 7.0.
WateringDuring sod establishment, water every day so that the soil is soaked 3-4 inches deep, and do not allow to wilt. An additional watering might be needed. The primary watering should be done between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Established sod should be watered every day during the hot months and about every 4-7 days during cooler months.
MowingMow every 5 to 7 days at height of 2-3 inches.
FungicideFull application of Daconil.