Meyer Zoysia

Meyer Zoysia dense turf that forms a beautifully lush dark-green lawn. Because of its density, Meyer Zoysia Grass is very resistant to weed invasion, is very tolerant to heavy wear, extremely tolerant to the cold, and moderately shade tolerant. Meyer Zoysia is widely considered the most cold-tolerant of the Zoysia species. Because Meyer Zoysia is so tough, it is a very popular sod grass option in the Atlanta area.

Meyer Zoysia sod is a type of grass that can resist two extreme kinds of weather, including winter and summer. It makes for a lovely dark green front lawn and backyard. In the front lawn, this grass can receive a good amount of sunlight as well as survive in the back yard if it gets 5 hours of sunlight daily. It also has the ability to grow in shaded areas. Atlanta Sod Farm provides the best Meyer Zoysia for sale with medium sized leaves but the shape is the same as a blade, which can grow up to 2.5 inches. This density of this grass makes it more tolerant in cold weather as compared to other kinds of grass. At the same time, drought and dry weather has less effect on it. It is originally from Japan but is now cultivated in the US. The quality of its toughness makes it very popular in the Atlanta region because of the humid and hot weather in the summer season. Additional Meyer Zoysia special features include its potential to fight weeds by not allowing them to grow as there is no space for them and it has the stamina to repel insects and diseases. It is also best to cover military buildings because of the slow speed of growth.

Hot Weather ToleranceGood
Shade ToleranceFair
Wear ResistanceGood
Salt ToleranceGood
Injury RecoveryGood
Winter ColorDormant
Mowing Height1.5 to 2.5 inches. Disease, Weed, and Insect Tolerance: Low disease problems, has great weed suppression and very little insect problems.
Soil and FertilizerApply 10 pounds of 10-10-10 per 1,000 feet in early spring and late summer. p.H. level of 5.5 to 7.0.
WateringDuring Meyer Zoysia sod establishment, water every day so that the soil is soaked 3-4 inches deep. Do not allow to wilt. An additional watering might be needed. The primary watering should be done between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Established sod should be watered every day during the hot months and about every 4-7 days during cooler months.
MowingMow Zoysia Meyer every 7-10 days at 2 inches. Make sure you remove clipping to prevent that build up.
FungicideTolerant to Daconil, sentinel or eagle.