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Best Quality Centipede Sod Types for Your Land 

In the 20th century where everything is changing, you might notice that nature has its ways of providing blessings. If you are fond of nature, you might notice that land has minerals inside it. Have you ever thought of visiting a sod farm in Atlanta? For people who enjoy learning new things and love having educational experiences, a visit to centipede sod farms can be an excellent activity. There are many sod farms all over the country and in Atlanta as well that one can visit to learn more about farm life. 

The most used sod by many is the Tifway 419 Bermuda, which is popular for sports use. It is exciting to know how a sod grows. It might look different but it is a simple mixture of grass seeds and water. After 3 years of nurturing, farmers use various tools for harvesting. These tools help the grass to come out easily without any damage. Its sharp blade helps in lifting the sod. The harvested sod must be watered over-and-over again to keep it fresh and alive. Centipede sod grows slowly as compared to other sods on a farm. This type of sod is aggressive which requires extra techniques to keep them fresh and growing during different temperatures and moisture control. Simply go to to learn more. 

Types of Sods 

To beautify your garden or yard a sod installment can be a very good idea. There is a variety of sod available for your garden. It can make your home look more beautiful and relaxing for the members of the house to sit down and have a cup of coffee. Atlanta sod farm can be the right place for you to get a sod or turf for your garden. 

Tall fescue sod 

For sod, the only important thing is the weather. If the weather is perfect, the sod can survive for years. Tall fescue sod works best in cool dry weather. In summers, you will have to water it frequently. For its best growth make sure the ground is rocky and sandy. 

Centipede sod 

Centipede sod is aggressive. It comes in a medium green color with a slight touch of yellow and is extremely suitable for low maintenance. It is one of the best sods for houses in Atlanta due to its aggressive nature. It stays best in warm weather. People usually prefer to install centipede sod in their yards and grounds because it grows very slowly. 


Atlanta Sod Farms have the best quality sods. Centipede sod is highly recommended to you if you are planning to plant one in your yard. So what are you waiting for? Simply visit to learn more about sod suppliersWeAtlanta Sod Farms, are here to assist you to buy the best sod. 

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