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How to Keep Sod Alive Before Planting?

Applying the sod can bring a lifeless landscape to life as a green carpet full of grass, but having healthy sod laid out before planting is significant for what will turn into a successful herb layer. This guide provides property owners with things to do before they order the wholesale sod and factors that contribute to the decomposition of the sod pallet.

Keeping the Wholesale Sod Alive

Often people don’t focus on keeping the sod grass in the proper condition before planting it. This forgetfulness could seriously damage the grass and an unartistic lawn. So, there are some essential points that homeowners should understand if they want to keep their sod grass alive before planting it.

1.       Ensure that you hire installation companies at the right time and they plant the grass on the same day as it arrives.

2.       Experts at a Georgia sod company will instruct you to place the sod grass pallets under the shade.

3.       Also, homeowners could apply water to moisten the pallets but not damage them.

4.       The sod grass can be kept for a longer time during the winter days.

5.      You should check the condition of the rolled pallets. If they turn yellow, immediately apply water and wait a week for them to recover.

What Should You Do Before Ordering?

The period before ordering an Atlanta sod company is critical to consider. Homeowners shouldn’t sit idle, wait for the grass to arrive, and start preparations. Before ordering sod, you should set the stage for a smooth installation process by finishing these steps.

Preparing the Soil for Sod Installation

The first thing that you should do is start the soil preparation. You can either do it yourself, there are sod installation tips or hire expert installers who can complete the process from start to finish. The process involves removing debris, rocks, and existing grass, loosening the soil to a depth of 3-4 inches, and applying fertilizer to ensure root establishment.

Hire Labor for Timely Completion

If you wish to hire sod installation companies, ensure that they have enough labor available for planting in a single day. This is important to ensure to prevent the sod pallets from drying up. The timings of the arrival of the wholesale sod grass and installation team should be aligned.

Have the Right Watering Process Prepared

The watering system plays an essential part in all stages of sod development, especially during pre-planting. Expert installers at Atlanta Sod Farms will ensure that the right amount of water is applied. This ensures that your sod grass survives throughout the establishment stage.

Finish the Landscaping Before Installation

A mistake that homeowners make is that they start the landscape and hardscape after the sod grass is installed. You should complete all landscaping tasks before ordering sod, including installing irrigation systems, pathways, or other hardscape elements. The reason is that it prevents the newly-installed sod grass from being damaged.

Factors Decomposing the Sod Rolls

You might be unaware that certain factors cause the sod rolls to decompose. So, if you have ordered your grass early, you should learn how to care for the sod grass.

1.       Extreme temperatures can accelerate sod decomposition.
2.       Incorrect humidity levels affect the moisture content crucial for sod health.
3.       Poor soil quality inhibits proper root development and leads to sod deterioration.
4.       Lack of nutrients hinders the growth and vitality of sod.
5.       Prolonged exposure to sunlight can dry out and damage sod rolls.

The key to a healthy and durable wholesale sod is appropriately caring for the grass before planting. After the sod is installed, you can make sure it lives and thrives by controlling weeds and pests, avoiding excessive foot traffic, maintaining hydration levels, and minimizing soil compaction. Contact our experts at (404) 631-7610 to learn more and hire our best products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I rinse the sod before planting starts?

Water the wholesale sod regularly, keeping the soil consistently moist. Aim for a balance - not too dry or too waterlogged. Adjust the frequency based on weather conditions, ensuring the sod stays hydrated but doesn't drown.

Can I leave sod in direct sunlight before planting?

It's best to avoid prolonged exposure of sod to direct sunlight. Store it in a shaded area to prevent desiccation. Sunlight can quickly dry out the sod, compromising its health and viability.

Why is weed management before sod establishment essential?

Weeds compete for nutrients and water that the sod might need, causing it to stun possibly. Apply pre-emergent herbicides to kill weeds and thus giving the sod a good opportunity now develops roots.



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