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Liquid Fertilizer or Granular, what to choose for healthy Sod?

One thing about lawn sod care often confuses the owners and that is, what type of fertilizer should be used? That’s why getting to know which type of fertilizer is ideal for your sod cover is essential. Many prefer liquid, because of its handy use and even supply all across the lawn. But the efficiency and consistency of granular cannot be denied as well. Choosing the best one is not an easy task. Let’s say, you have the Zeon Zoysia sod cover on your lawn, will you choose liquid fertilizer or granular?

Fertilizer Guide; Difference Between Liquid and Granular Fertilizer

For sure, the lush cover of tiny vegetation needs great care, exactly like that of a baby. This care is basically about knowing when to water, when to mow and when to add fertilizer. Just like mowing and watering, adding fertilizer also needs the right choice. No matter what grass type, Zeon Zoysia, Emerald Zoysia, Centipede grass sod; every turf grass needs special care, if you want to see it freshly waving always. Let’s analyze a few differences between the fertilizers for finding out which one is best for you regarding budget, use and productivity.

Specialties of Liquid Fertilizer

  • It has low salt contents
  • Every drop contains same formula
  • It doesn’t sit in the soil for long
  • Its nutrient contents are readily available for the roots to absorb
  • It has two types of applications: bottle with hose-end sprays or tank mixing
  • Liquid fertilizers are generally costly

Specialties of Granular Fertilizer

  • It’s rich in salt contents which turns the root hot
  • Granules have different proportions of nutrients
  • Its formula is meant for slow supply of nutrients
  • Nutrients take long time to be absorbed by roots
  • Its application requires broadcast spreader techniques
  • Granular fertilizers are comparatively cheaper

Uses & Benefits of Liquid Fertilizer

One of the prime benefits of liquid fertilizer is its convenient application, which becomes as easy as watering a lawn. Just attach the spray with the hose pipe and easily spread it all across the so. Being in solvent form, its nutrient contents are easily absorbed by the roots. Due to even formula, it doesn’t harm the growth of the sod by intense acid action. It’s good for providing instant energy and used as starter fertilizers.

Uses & Benefits of Granular Fertilizer

No matter what sod, either Zeon Zoysia, Emerald Zoysia sod or any other, mind it this fertilizer ideally supports the grass cover that needs slow nutrient supply. Its granular form doesn’t let it be directly absorbed by the roots. After settling in the soil, the granules start breaking due to water action and decomposing. This structural difference makes the process of nutrient absorption by the roots quite slow. This process can be effective for different situations, for instance, you may want to add fertilizer so it may last in the soil till the end of season. The granular fertilizer will take a longer time to break down.

Applying Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer is mostly available in smart bottles. All you need is to hook it up to the end of your lawn hose. For starting application, first ensure you have attached the fertilizer to the hose before turning on the tap. Once your bottle is switched to ‘ON’ mode, the liquid inside it starts spreading evenly across the lawn. The other packing of liquid fertilizer needs tank mixing or hose-end mixing and you can choose any for your comfort. Liquid fertilizer is easy to apply and ensure healthy growth.

Atlanta Sod Farms has been experimenting in around twenty genres of sod grass covers all across Georgia. With years of experience in sodding the lawn what we have come up with is that liquid fertilizer is dilute in salts and is best for the new sod, while the granular one is better for already established lawn cover, where the cover needs slow nutrient supply. Not just this, a mix of both fertilizers is also applied to the lawn, which is also highly effective. Every type of grass cover holds the roots and grows well, but you need to make sure that you have chosen the best time to lay the sod.


What type of fertilizer is best for new sod?

Liquid fertilizer is best for new sod, as it contains less salts and is dilute on the roots.

What is the resistance level of Zeon Zoysia regarding salts?

Zeon Zoysia is highly resistant to salts once it reaches to maturity.

What is the best watering schedule for Zeon Zoysia?

Ideally, this sod turf needs regular water supply to maintain a healthy growth.

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