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3 Common Pests That May Tarnish Your Turf Quality

If you have turf grass or sod in your home lawn, you must devote much of your time to the sod. Of course, there’s not a chance that you prevent bugs and pests at all times from infiltrating your yard, but you can take some precautionary measures. However, learning the right ways to recognize and familiarize yourself with bugs will be the best treatment option that’s available for you. When you take complete power over your yard, you can sit back and enjoy the view without worrying about any damaging bugs.

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3 Common Lawn Pests to Watch For

1. The Chinch Bug

Do you see your sod-turning reddish-brown or yellow? If so, it means chinch bugs are attacking them. If you have these in your home, they are incredibly tiny and quite difficult to spot. However, the damages they cause are so easy to spot. In appearance, they measure ⅕” long with white wings that run across their backs and black bodies. The drawback is that they view a lawn as their meal at all times. Whether you fertilize it, cut, or water, chinch bugs will definitely find their way. They have the skills to suck grass blades, kill the blades, inject poison, and tarnish the condition of the turf. This also causes damage in patches where they end up looking like they are suffering from drought. The best way to stop this is to consider an experienced pest control service to keep the bugs in their tracks.

2. Beware of Mole Crickets

Another common pest is the mole cricket. They love creating tunnels through the roots and end up eating the grass shoots. Their tunneling habits could be so much that it ends up ruining the plants and causes them to dry out completely. To kill and infect mole crickets, special nematodes help. For effective control of mole crickets and other lawn pests, implementing proper lawn care tips such as regular mowing, proper watering, and timely fertilization can also contribute to a healthier lawn.

3. Ants

Ants are pests that could damage the quality of the grass. They also aerate the sod, which leads to its faster growth. Although they could be good for your sod in the first few days, they will overrun your sod. This will become a major problem eventually. They can spread quickly, creating anthills over your yard and make it appear rough and patchy. Depending on their type, they are harmful. For example, fire ants are aggressive and they bite. As they spread so much, they can find their way into homes as well.


You get some benefits to having ants in your sod. Ants don't harm your sod directly. They don't eat grass or overly disturb grassroots. In fact, ants have some notable benefits. For more care tips, you can get in touch with us today. For more information on the quality of the sod, you can visit us at our sod company as well.

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