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Pro Tips on When and How Much to Water Your Sod in Atlanta

For most homeowners in Atlanta, watering their lawn can turn out to be a tricky business, especially when predicting the needs of your newly sodded lawn. Water is life, and this goes for your garden too, but the “when” and “how much” of water the sod needs is quite important. It’s something you need to be careful; too little will simply damage your sod, causing it to die and too much can lead to rot or sod drown. Sometimes, people are afraid that they are not giving their lawn enough water, and more grass only dies because of excess water.

Based on our experience growing different varieties of sod at our sod farm, we would like to give you some pro tips on how much and when you should water your sod. With decades of experience in the sod industry, we guarantee that we have the expertise to give you some handy tips. Note that watering the sod properly, immediately after it’s laid will ensure that it establishes properly in the soil. This will also have an impact on how well your garden flourishes. Here are some of the important things you must pay attention to, when it comes to watering the fresh sod in your home.

The Rules for Watering Keep Changing

Know that the rules to watering your sod will keep changing based on the type and age of the sod. Upon the first installation, you have to water the sod every day, at least regularly for the first four weeks. This is important, as it will help the roots to establish itself. When the four weeks period ends, you can then reduce the watering to every other day or once in a day. Two weeks into the installation of the sod, we suggest that you water the sod three times a day; this should last for about 20 minutes. Make sure that you cover the entire lawn area, but this depends on the amount of water that your sprinklers emit.

If the temperatures are not so high, you can irrigate fewer times. However, on hotter and dry days, increase the number of times you water and the water volumes.Watering the sod for longer periods will help to encourage the roots to create a strong hold on the soil, as well as how deep they grow. You will see that the roots are attaching when it becomes difficult to pull out the sod from the ground. However, you shouldn’t force this because weak roots will only release their grip and damage the quality of the sod.

When Is It The Best Time to Water Your Sod?

The best time to water your lawn all depends on whether you wish to grow healthy grass. For that, you must maintain consistency and water the sod properly, especially within the first two weeks. You should water the sod early in the morning, which should allow you to take advantage at the beginning of the grass’ growing cycle. Water once in the evening too, when there’s low wind speed. In the daytime, the evaporation rate of water is usually high, so there would be more wastage of water. When watering your lawn, you should make sure the water reaches every corner and edges to keep your lawn healthy. The same goes for patches.


When it comes to growing your lawn, you should pay attention to these important details. It needs extra care, so make sure that you give it the time it needs. When you get your sod from us at Atlanta Sod Farms, we assure you that we are the right people you should approach for advice!For more details on the types or varieties of sod we have for you, call us today!


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