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Best Time to Install Sod in Your Lawn

Sod is the mature lawn that has been professionally cultivated and grown and cut into thick rolls with underlying roots and soil and it can form an instant lawn wherever it is installed. Sod can take about two years to mature and the plants in the roll are established and deeply rooted at the time of laying of sod as compared to the seeded plants, still care must be taken at the time of installation or plantation and a professional team should be hired for the purpose. The best time to install sod in your lawn is late summer or early winters when the temperature is just right to ensure the growth of grass.

Site Preparation:

You cannot place sod on top of any type of soil and expect it to grow or take roots immediately. The ground where you are about to roll sod must be prepared first. In order to prepare the ground all rock and debris must be removed from the place and it should be weeded properly to ensure absence of any noxious weeds. The soil must be aerated properly and there shouldn’t be any compacted areas. Water drainage should be taken care of. There shouldn’t be any areas in the lawn where water is standing and puddling for longer periods of time. Soil deficiencies must be overcome by adding nitrogen and fertilizers. The pH levels of soil must be checked and maintained.


Sods are breathing living entities so they must be installed soon after they are delivered. The sod must be installed within a single day and the best time for delivery is early morning. Ideally sod must be laid between 24 to 72 hours when it’s harvested. Fresh sod has moist soil and it’s soft and humid to the touch. Grass blades are dark green in color and fresh to touch. If due to some unforeseen circumstances you cannot lay the sods immediately, keep them in a shady area and keep sprinkling water on them so they stay fresh and moist.

Best Time to Lay Sods:

Sod can be installed any time during the year, but the best time is early fall or late summer when temperatures are cooler, but the grass continues to grow. Spring is also a very good time to get the sod laid. The only time of year when sod installation should be avoided is the summer season as extra water required for establishment could result in diseases.


The area where the sod is installed must be watered properly to encourage root growth but it must not be soaked. The sod must be watered once in the morning and once in the afternoon following its installation, for about two weeks. The frequency of watering could be reduced once the roots are established which is usually within 12 to 14 days of installation.

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