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Freshly Sodded Lawn-How Long to Wait Before Using It

You have waited long for your lawn to manifest from a dream into a reality! You researched for sods that would be best suited for the environment where you live, which season to install them and the best people who could accomplish this task. Now that your beautiful lush green lawn is no more a dream and has turned into a reality, you cannot wait to begin activities you have long been planning such as your kids and pets playing on the fresh green grass, you taking a refreshing walk or eating and lying under the shade of your favorite tree, but hold on! Looks are a bit deceiving in this case! I do not want to dampen your enthusiasm, but it’s a fact that your lawn might immediately look ready for foot traffic and other activity upon installation of sod, in reality it’s not. 

Strengthening of Roots

The newly laid sod needs to establish firm roots into the ground where its laid in order to grow and flourish. You must give it ample time in the beginning to grow roots deeply into the ground and become established like your old lawn before you can use it for foot traffic and other activities. If you walk on your sod before its roots has established, you are lessening its chances for survival and your chances for success. 

Preparation of Soil

This step actually comes before properly installing your sod! This makes a huge difference in the health and longevity of your freshly sodded lawn. First, you have to completely get rid of the old turf and any debris like old leaves, rocks etc. and then loosen the soil to a depth of three to four inches so that your newly laid sod will immediately establish deep roots. Choosing the best grass for your lawn is crucial at this stage as well. Factors such as climate, soil type, and sun exposure all play a role in determining which type of sod will thrive in your yard. It's recommended to consult with sod providers or lawn care experts to help you select the ideal grass variety for your specific conditions.

Irrigating Your Lawn

Irrigation is vital and critical for sod survival, so you have to be sure to water your sod frequently those first few weeks of its life. Never let your sod dry up! You would like to walk on your sod in order to water it properly as it would be the natural thing to do, but step lightly and as minimally as possible. Take the rainfall in your area also into account while watering your sod. 

Do not Over Water your Sod

Just as ample irrigation of your sod in the first few weeks after its installation is vital, similarly watering your sod too much could also prove to be counter-productive! It will drown the sod and prevent it from taking roots.  If there is heavy rainfall in area, avoid watering your sod. It’s a great idea to water your sod twice a day in early morning and late evening every day for two weeks. 

Mowing Your Lawn 

Although it might sound contrary to what you are expecting, mow your lawn after a week of sod installation. It’s a very important step and once again tread very lightly on your tender lawn while mowing.  


Just follow all these directions for two weeks and your lawn is ready to use! A little patience and perseverance will pay off in the form of a lawn that will make your dreams come true. Please call or email Sod Farms for delivery of the best Sod in Atlanta and You can get your free quote today! 

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