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Factors to Consider When Considering Buying Sods Like Emerald Zoysia

Any homeowner who has a lawn, dreams of having thick and healthy green grass – the kind that invites you to walk barefoot in the summer. It is possible, but it requires investment, time, effort, and professional help. A big component that helps achieve the desired results is deciding whether to install the seeds or sods like Emerald Zoysia. Choosing the right grass that goes perfectly with the area's climate isn't easy at all – therefore, we have presented some of the factors you should consider that can help you decide.

The Amount of Traffic - Critical for Grasses Like Emerald Zoysia

Bermuda grass, Zoysia, and Centipede are among Atlanta's most installed sod grasses. Out of all, we recommend you have emerald zoysia if you expect high foot traffic on the lawn. It will withstand the stress from kids and pets playing on it for several hours a day. Not all grass mixtures are designed the same, so you must think about this factor.

Emerald Zoysia will remain fresh even with higher foot traffic when following a simple care schedule or utilizing care tips for emerald Zoysia a lush green lawn.

Water Requirements of the Sod

Regardless of whether you choose Jamur zoysia or any other type, they require constant watering. There are some grasses that experts recommend water for 2-3 hours daily initially. That can certainly increase your water bills. If you're concerned about the amount of water consumption, choose the sod that can retain the moisture, and reduce the requirement of constant watering. One such grass is zoysia, which you can get from Sod Company.

Soil Type and Requirements

The pH levels, health, and soil type are important to consider when picking sod. If you live in Atlanta, the sods mentioned above might be good options to consider. However, if you don't know the soil type, you can bring in experts like us to find out the answer.

Local Climate Conditions

Like any greenery, grass species require certain climate conditions to survive. For example, the warm-season grass won't survive in the long winter season. So, you have to consider the temperature in your area and then choose the sod accordingly.

Maintenance Requirements

Finally, the key factor that should never be overlooked is the maintenance requirement of the grass. Before buying any sod, make sure to ask yourself the following questions, including how much time, money, and resources you're willing to spend on the proper lawn maintenance lawn? Some of the sods require more maintenance as opposed to others. Yet, if you don't have much time to maintain the sod but still want to make your lawn looks lush green, try installing Emerald Zoysia sod.

What Is the Maintenance Requirement for Emerald Zoysia?

To keep the emerald in the best condition, try following this schedule:

  • Watering

Recently planted emerald should be watered on a daily basis and soaked thoroughly to a depth of three inches for the first two weeks. Then slowly reduce the amount of water while maintaining the daily watering frequency for another two weeks. Once it is fully grown, the watering frequency will depend on the soil type. If you have sandier soil, 3/4th inch of watering will be enough every 2-3 days, whereas, if you have heavier clay soil, water up to two inches every 3-4 days.

  • Mowing

Once the sod is established, it needs to be mowed every 10-14 days in the growing season and to the optimum height of 1-2 inches. Make sure you remove all the clippings to avoid any thatch built-up, which can be a big problem in emerald.

Regardless of whether you pick Emerald Zoysia or different types of sod, you need to consider the amount of traffic it is exposed to, the climate condition, and other factors to ensure it is ideal for your lawn.

For more information on sod types available, call (404) 631-7610, or move on to the next section, where we answer your most frequently asked concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does zoysia grass take to grow?

If you choose any zoysia for your lawn, remember that it will take 14-21 days to be established completely under the ideal growing conditions.

How do you make zoysia grass look greener?

To keep your zoysia grass greener, ensure the following:

  • Mow the grass first time in spring, the time before it turns green, to clean it out from any sort of harmful buildup.
  • Maintain the grass to 1-2 inches in height.
  • Irrigate the grass as needed.

Can I lay sod without tilling?

If your lawn has soft soil that's not compacted, only in that condition can you lay the sod without tilling. This will help you save time, money, and effort. Therefore, make sure to evaluate the soil to see if it is soft enough to lay down the soil.

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