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Care Tips for Emerald Zoysia For A Lush Green Lawn

Do you want a lush green lawn in your house? We have what you need to fulfill this wish, Emerald Zoysia. It is a cultivar of Zoysia with thin-bladed leaves and a dark green color that makes you want to utilize the lawn to the fullest. However, like everything else, it will not last until you take care of it properly. Here is a maintenance guide you need to follow when you get our emerald grass.

But before that, here is a small tip on which is the right season to install them.

When Is the Right Time to Install Emerald Zoysia?

The plugs or seeds for this grass aren’t readily available, and the germination process is also slow. Thus, you should get them installed in an area with ample sunlight. Avoid getting them in the winter season; though there is no doubt that they will survive in the shade, you might not get the texture you want.

However, once you have gotten them laid down, water them regularly for a few weeks until they are firmly rooted. After that, you will only have to do this twice a week. After it is all set, you can move on to creating its maintenance schedule to keep the grass in excellent condition all year.

Here are some guidelines that you can follow:

Mowing the Emerald Zoysia Sod

At Atlanta Sod Farm, we make sure to assist you correctly, so your grass stays in good condition for years to come. Mowing is one of the tasks that play a vital role in making your lawn look fresh and beautiful.

Here are some professional tips to help you mow the lawn correctly, so you know how to do the task properly.

  • Mow the grass when it reaches a height of 1.5”
  • Don’t take the leaf off more than one-third of the length at one mowing
  • Use rotary or reel mowers and sharp blades

Tip: With Emerald grass, you only need to mow at 7–10-day intervals.

Watering Schedule for the Grass

Though this grass has several features, including being drought-free, it will work best when it gets around 1” of water on a weekly basis. If one inch or more than an inch of rainfall happens, you don’t have to irrigate them again.

Make sure you don’t waste water by over-watering the grass; it won’t only be good for the environment but will keep your lawn healthier.

Fertilizing of the Grass

For 1000 square feet, apply 2-3 pounds of nitrogen annually. Choose a fertilizer that is specially manufactured for Zoysia grass. Keep in mind not to put the fertilizer on wet grass as it can cause burning. More so, keep in check the quantity you put in; more than the recommended amount can make grasses like Emerald and Zeon Zoysia sod unhealthy.

Once your emerald grass is matured, apply moderate nitrogen in the quantity recommended by our installers. During the laying down process of the grass, you can ask for their recommendation. They will evaluate the condition and make suggestions accordingly.

Tip: Don’t fertilize emerald sod with high nitrogen in the fall and winter. These are some of the care tips you should follow if you recently got the emerald zoysia grass installed on your lawn.

However, if you just want information about this sod type and want to decide whether or not to have it laid down, contact Atlanta Sod Farms at (404) 631-7610 for more details.

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