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How to Care for Emerald Zoysia During Autumn and Winter?

Every green plant in your backyard needs regular care and maintenance to ensure that it stays green in all seasons. However, some plants and sods still don’t survive in an unsuitable environment, and then some can stay green throughout the year. Emerald Zoysia sod is one of those sods, but you still need to take good care of it to keep it in good shape during autumn and winter. It is one of the most favorite grass types around the world. It is suggested that you should get it from reliable and trusted suppliers like Sod in Atlanta to ensure that you get quality products.
This article will discuss how you should look after your Emerald sod during autumn and winter to ensure that it doesn’t die when the weather conditions get harsher. Kindly read till the end to get some valuable information.

Emerald Zoysia Care Calendar


Water and Fertilizer Application

Just like the spring months, you need to water your lawn for at least 30 minutes each session during autumn. Also, fertilize it every ten days so that your grass will grow quickly before winter sets in. Talk to any sod supplier near you, and they’ll tell you the same for this type of grass.

Insect Control

In summer, insects that attacked your sod will be back during autumn to cause more damage. Since they will reproduce in large numbers by this time, you need to control them with insecticides and fungicides. When applying those chemicals, make sure that your lawn is not watered for the next 12 hours so that it can absorb them properly.


It’s best to have your lawn overseeded during autumn to ensure that it will look healthy and attractive in the coming winter. You can get this service done by professional sod installation companies because they know exactly when this should be done and which types of grasses to use for overseeding.


Watering and Fertilization

Like in other seasons, Emerald grass needs to be well watered and fertilized during the winter. Water your lawn for at least 30 minutes a day so that it can absorb all of the nutrients in the water. Meanwhile, fertilize every ten days to ensure that your lawn continues growing quickly before spring comes around.

Insect and Disease Control

During the winter, insects and fungi or bacteria that attack your lawn will reproduce in large numbers. You need to prevent them from doing any more damage by controlling their population with insecticides and fungicides before they can do more harm. Just like the other chemicals applied during summer and autumn, make sure to keep your lawn watered for at least 12 hours before applying them.


Having your Emerald Zoysia lawn overseeded during the winter ensures that you will have decent-looking grass in spring. You can get this done by professional sod installation companies because they know exactly when to do this, and which kinds of grasses will survive well in cold seasons like winter.

These are some tips you need to know and follow to ensure that your Emerald grass can survive the harsh winters and still be green before the spring season. If you have any questions about the care and maintenance or want quality sod to improve the ambiance of your backyard, contact Atlanta Sod Farms at (404) 631-7610 to get anything you look for. We provide everything you need for lush, green lawn care, including care tips for Emerald Zoysia.

We have also discussed some questions customers commonly ask. We suggest you read them as well to get some additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will emerald zoysia grow in shade?

Emerald Zoysia is a warm-season grass native to Asia. It has an aggressive growth habit that will quickly blanket areas of bare soil but can also be grown in shaded lawns. Emerald zoysia needs 8 hours of direct sunlight per day to look its best. If your lawn receives more shade during the day, consider planting a shade grass mix to fill in the gaps.

What is the best time of year to plant emerald zoysia grass?

The best time of the year to plant Emerald Zoysia is mid-spring and probably before the summer arrives. If you’re late the time mentioned, you still need to ensure to plant it about two months before fall comes.

Does Emerald Zoysia spread?

Emerald Zoysia is one of the fastest spreading sods among all the grasses. It can even grow and spread in cold weather.

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