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How to Increase Yard Appeal with Zeon Zoysia

The value of a well-maintained yard is well-known to all homeowners. For starters, it will increase your home's curb appeal. This space is perfect for outdoor events with friends, family, and even your furry friends.

Zeon zoysia is a type of zoysia grass with a fine texture that is widely utilized on lawns, sports fields, and golf courses. Zeon is exceptionally tolerant of shade and can tolerate full sun. Additionally, upscale business websites use it. The visual attractiveness of your house may also be improved. What steps should be taken to make your yard presentable? There are a few options available to you.

Clean Your Yard Up

The first step in making your yard look nicer is getting rid of the trash and debris accumulated there. For instance, throw away the toys and clean up the pet poop. Also, pick up branches or twigs that may have fallen into your yard from recent winter storms.

You should eradicate the weeds that have taken over your garden. If you follow these steps, you'll have a brand-new-looking yard. You won't believe how much these simple touches can improve the look of your yard.

Maintain Your Lawn

The grass takes up most of your yard. So, you need to give your grass the attention it deserves. This includes giving it enough water, cutting the grass frequently, and adding fertilizer. Your grass's watering demands will change based on its type and geographic location.

The optimal timing for fertilization may vary based on your geographic location. You need to check that your fertilization schedule is optimal for your area.

Add Flowers and Plants

Plants and flowers are the best way to liven up a yard. You can research which flowers do well in your area and time of year and then plant those. Plants also help you take a deeper breath by releasing oxygen into the air. Adding flowers and plants to your yard will improve its overall aesthetic value.

Higher Home Values

Landscaping is a significant factor in determining the success of a house sale. A property's value might be lowered by landscaping that is unappealing. The inverse is also correct. A ten percent boost in property value is attributed to well-kept landscaping. Don't throw money away; instead, put it toward landscaping that will yield returns.

The Joy of Being at Home

The satisfaction of returning home to a well-landscaped lawn is not denied. Your yard may be a place of beauty and comfort where you and your loved ones can spend time together every day. Yard work is worthwhile if only so you can host parties in the open air.

Use Zeon Zoysia Grass

Zeon Zoysia grass from Atlanta Sod is the best grass available since it is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Because of its high-quality turf and extreme tolerance for shade and dryness, many homeowners opt to have their lawns comprised of Zeon grass.

Contact a certified local producer if you're interested in knowing the best time to lay down sod and our Zeon Zoysia sod variety. Even though we are in charge of issuing licenses for turfgrass production, we do not sell these grass types to end users. A beautiful yard doesn't require much work on your part. Your yard will look great in no time if you follow the advice above.


Is Zeon Zoysia the best?

It boasts a higher disease and insect resistance than some varieties of warm-season grasses, such as centipede sod. It's soft and plush yet easier to mow than emerald zoysia grass because it doesn't require a reel mower. Plus, it was literally in the Olympics!

What is Zeon Zoysia?

Zeon is a fine-bladed Zoysia that is excellent in every way. It is a soft grass that may be used barefoot. It is the perfect grass for residential lawns, commercial settings, and golf courses, thanks to its exceptional shade performance, reduced thatch production, and better traffic tolerance.

How much does it cost to water Zeon Zoysia?

Even though it can withstand drought, Zoysia performs best with around 1" of water every week. Additional irrigation is not required if one or more inches of rain in a week.

Can you oversee Zeon Zoysia?

Overseeding can be your solution if you seek a quick and straightforward technique to make your Zoysia grass lawn thicker and greener. To oversee a lawn, Zoysia grass seeds are sown over the current turf. New Zoysia seeds can be planted to create a lush, healthy lawn that will make your neighbors envious.

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