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Looking to Lay Down New Sod in Your Atlanta Lawn? Know The Best Time to Lay Down Sod

Whether you have just prepared a new yard with fresh soil or looking to refresh your lawn by laying down new sod, one question that pops into every homeowner's mind is when would be the best time to lay down sod. Here in Atlanta, homeowners take pride in their lawns and want to have the best sod for their properties. At Atlanta Sod Farms, we have been serving homeowners with quality sod for more than 20 years and understand how important a beautiful lawn is for homeowners. So, if you are planning on laying down new sod or replacing an old one, continue reading this article which will guide you about the correct time to lay down the sod.

Correct time to lay down sod according to top Atlanta Sod Company

As a top Atlanta Sod Company, homeowners often ask about the correct time to lay down sod. However, they appear surprised when we tell them that there is no absolute best time to lay down sod. You can lay down sod all year round and even during the winter season. Although, laying down sod during each season has its own merits, here is what laying down sod during each season has to offer:

Spring: Spring is the go-to season to lay down sod for most homeowners simply because the temperatures are neither too cold nor too hot. Not to mention the sod starts to develop deep roots during the spring season, so the chances of your sod developing solid roots increase. However, we always recommend homeowners make sure that there aren't chances of cold weather returning before laying down sod in spring.

Summer: Our Atlanta Sod company recommends avoiding sod plantations during the summer season because the temperatures are high, and the weather is dry. While it is not impossible to lay down sod in the summer season here in Atlanta, it can be challenging to manage sod if installed during summer. Also, your lawn will require plenty of watering if you lay down sod in summer, which can lead to overwatering and fungus along with other diseases that can grow in your lawn. Nevertheless, we have warm-season sods such as Zeon Zoysia that can be planted in the summer season if homeowners can handle the care needs of sod during summer.

Fall: Since fall is usually cool but not too cold in most Atlanta areas, it is considered the best time to lay down sod. The moisture is plentiful, so you can get away with little watering for your newly laid sod. In addition, fall offers the sod time to grow roots that allow it to be ready for winter dormancy.

Winter: Winter can be an excellent time to lay down all-season sod or cool-season sod. While your sod might not appear to be doing well if laid down during winter, it is merely in a dormant state, and with proper care, it will bounce back during spring. Understanding what temperature is too cold to lay sod is crucial during this time.

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