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What Everyone Ought to Know About Centipede Sod.

Imagine this: “You just got some centipede sod from some unknown sod supplier or maybe you picked it up at Costco or Walmart. You bought it because a friend of a friend mentioned that it was low maintenance and your wife’s been nagging you about setting up an appropriate lawn because the neighbors have a good one too. You have it placed in by your local gardener nothing professional it was cheaper this way. Everything goes as planned initially, then you start to notice that your grass is losing its color in some areas; there are patches of colorless/brown grass. You panic and think maybe you didn’t fertilize it enough you add more, you notice the patches growing even bigger in the next couple of days. You finally call in a professional from the local centipede sod farms in Atlanta, but by that time it’s too late; they tell you weren’t careful, fungus was the reason for the patchy grass initially but then you added fertilizer more than the required amount causing irreparable damage.”

So, what can we pick up from this scenario? Make sure you read about whatever you are getting into and if you are not willing to do that get a professional company to handle your sod and lawn needs.  Luckily for the resident of Atlanta, they have professionals like to help them.

Caring for the Centipede Grass  

As we had mentioned earlier Centipede grass requires less maintenance than other varieties of grass, but they are not invulnerable. There is a small amount of fertilizer required by it, if you give it too much it can cause damage as we saw in the example above. It is best to stick to your test soil recommendations. A small amount during the winters and spring should keep it healthy. When you cut it, make sure to maintain the height to 1.5 to 2 inches. It flourishes on sandy soil with fewer nutrients, and it can tolerate acidic soil as well from a ph. of 6.0 to 4.5 as compared to other grasses. Make sure you spray it with fungicide every so often in spring or early summer. Although you can take precautions, we suggest you consult a professional company to get the best guide and care for your lawn.

Searching for Sod Suppliers Near You

We hope we were able to describe to you how even relatively low maintenance sod grass like the centipede requires knowledge to make it flourish. Having said that most people living in Atlanta would start a search for Sod Suppliers. It is good to do that but other factors need to be considered such as value for money, experience, expertise and all-in-one solutions. There are not many that offer all of those. Experience is self-explanatory if a company has experience then they usually know what they’re doing. Trained staff or expertise is another important factor the example of the gardener in our story he was no specialist and hence couldn’t guide on the specific type of sod and its care. Our final factor is all-in-one service providers, they usually have years of experience, expertise and have practical knowledge of the sod life cycle. The life cycle starts with cultivation to installation and maintenance. So, when you search you should not just be limited to sod grass for sale near me, you should also check the company that you are going to choose. So, contact us now at (404) 631-7610 for high-quality sod and great service in Atlanta.


We are a company owned by a disabled veteran, with a combined experience of 20 years. We have experience from cultivation to implementation of various types of sod. Our staff are experts in landscaping and will handle all your sod and lawn needs professionally. We strive to give our clients excellent quality sod and great customer service.

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