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Get Excellent Sod from One of The Best Sod Suppliers, Georgia!

Sod grass is the grass or greenery that can be installed almost everywhere for beautification. It can even be grown in places where seeding or planting is difficult. It is available in a wide variety of grass blends. Some of these grass types do not require ideal environmental conditions for growth like regular plants. Instead, they are climate resistant to some extent and some do not even require daily watering. Others require only a small amount of sunlight and grow well in the shade. This variety is the reason that Atlanta Sod Farms are known for as being one of the best sod suppliers Georgia.

Among the many sods available at Atlanta Sod Farms, the following are unique since one is suited ideally for the summers and the other for the cool season.

  •          Emerald Zoysia sod grass
  •          Fescue Grass

Emerald Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia is said to be one of the best types of sod grass which can survive in hot climates. This grass grows best at the temperature range of 80-95oF during the months of spring and summer and on vigorous growth, they produce a dense, attractive thick lawn. They can survive in all weather conditions but go dormant in winter. There are also resistant to diseases and weeds. They can manage irregular watering as their roots dig deep in the soil to pick on what little water is present. All of these features make it one of the best sod grasses with quality characteristics. Emerald Zoysia is one of the most beautiful textured and most attractive grass among all the classes of Zoysia grasses.

Characteristics of Emerald Zoysia

Following are the characteristics of Emerald Zoysia available at Atlanta Sod Farms

  1.        Hot Weather Tolerance: Excellent
  2.        Drought tolerant: Excellent
  3.        Weed resistant: Excellent
  4.        Disease resistance: Excellent
  5.        Sun Requirement: Almost 4 – 5 hours
  6.        Wear Resistance: Good
  7.        Winter Color: Dormant
  8.        Mowing Height: 1″ – 3″
  9.        Texture: Fine - Textured
  10.    Color: medium green color
  11.    Shade Tolerance: Very Good
  12.    Soil Preference: Clay / Loam
  13.    Fertility Requirement: Moderate
  14.    Peak Mowing Requirement: 7 to 10 days
  15.    Care Required: Heavy
  16.    Method of Propagation: Sod
  17.    Emerald Zoysia sod cost: Reasonable

Uses of Emerald Zoysia

Atlanta Sod FarmsEmerald Zoysia is regarded as the ideal sod grass for showpiece lawns because of its outstanding appearance and attractive beauty. This grass is also said to be the perfect for a decorative lawn in warm climate regions and their better appearance. Some of the areas where this sod grass is most frequently used are:

  •          Near patios
  •          Around pool decks
  •          Small turf islands in retail and apartment complexes
  •          Larger corporate or commercial areas
  •          Recreational sites
  •          Public and private parks
  •          Home lawns

2. Fescue Grass

Atlanta Sod Farms Fescue Grass is regarded as an evergreen, cool-season grass. Its most unique quality is that it retains its green color all around the year. This type of sod grass has another quality, that they can hold even poor soil types like sandy soil and clay. These are more common in colder regions and high elevation areas. They usually grow in the form of bunches and their roots are almost 2-3 feet deeply anchored in the soil. They have a rapid and extensive growth rate as it can produce several offshoots which may result in clumping or bunching. They are mostly grown in vast open areas and need regular maintenance or good Fescue Sod care.

Steps of Fescue Sod Care

Fescue Sod Care and maintenance is vital for keeping them evergreen. For this, they are regularly provided nutrients, minerals and water. Atlanta Sod Farms offers professional services for taking good care of Fescue Grass.

  1.        Mowing
  2.        Over-seeding
  3.        Sodding
  4.        Aerating
  5.        Fertilizing
  6.        Watering
  7.        Fescue Grass, weed and disease control
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