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10 Unique Features of Zeon And Emerald Zoysia Sods

One of the best ways to have an aesthetic yard is to simply, install zoysia grass. Zoysia grass is a thick grass that provides a carpet-like feel to any lawn or field. Originally the cultivation of this sod started in Southern California and soon after, it became famous all over the world. Among the many licensed sod growers all over Georgia, Atlanta Sod Farms is one of the best companies. Throughout Atlanta, our sod suppliers provide 20 different kinds of sod varieties that are grown professionally in local sod farms. We specialize in various types of sod that suit the needs of our many clients. In this article, we will discuss two stunning types of zoysia sods along with their unique features.

Zeon Zoysia

Zeon zoysia grass is considered to be the most beautiful of all the warm seasoned grasses. After installation, it develops a stunning lush green color that increases its beauty. This species is also said to be the replacement of the emerald zoysia. Among a large variety of zoysia sods, Zeon zoysia is the one that can thrive in almost any area of the world. At Atlanta Sod Farms, we offer one of the highest qualities Zeon sod having the following features:

  1. Our Zeon sod can survive in a diversified climate.
  2. It is the first zoysia grass that turns green at the starting of the spring season.
  3. During the drought time, its color turns brown, but it recovers as soon as it gets watered.
  4. For hydration and moisture absorbance, the roots of Zeon zoysia penetrate deep into the ground.
  5. It has a rapid growth rate.
  6. It can adjust to most soil types.
  7. It requires relatively low maintenance.
  8. It has increased shade tolerance.
  9. It can survive against most weeds and diseases.
  10. It is widely used in sports turfs and landscape industries for creating beautiful sceneries.

Emerald Zoysia

This zoysia sod’s cultivation has its origins in the state of Georgia. It is said to be a unique combination of two different kinds of zoysia that are cultivated together in the form of a mat. Due to it, it is also called fine-textured hybrid zoysia. At Atlanta Sod Farms, we provide sod professionals who are responsible for its cultivation. When it is correctly looked after, this Emerald grass is regarded as one of the more aesthetically pleasing varieties among the different zoysia grass species. Following are some unique characteristics of it:

  1. It is named Emerald zoysia because of its unique emerald color.
  2. The growth rate of this zoysia is relatively slower.
  3. The maximum height of this zoysia grass is 12 inches.
  4. On getting 3-4 hours of sunlight per day.
  5. Its roots penetrate deep down the Earth for absorbing water
  6. The leaves of this grass are just like the blade tips and dark green in color.
  7. It can easily tolerate irregular watering and the temperature changes of summer and winter.
  8. However, it is best cultivated in warm and humid environmental conditions.
  9. When a professionals installs it, it gives a very dense appearance, just like a thick carpet.
  10. Our Emerald Zoysia grass is best used in making oriental landscapes and golf course turfs.
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