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What are the maintenance requirements of Emerald Zoysia Sod?

Emerald Zoysia is an ideal sod to plant in sunny areas such as Atlanta that see short winters. However, as far as the maintenance aspect of Emerald Zoysia is concerned, it requires plenty of love and care to grow to its full potential. It forms a very thick turf and it takes a lot more time to grow compared to other grasses from the Zoysia family such as Zeon Zoysia. Not to mention, you will have to water it often and consider its sunlight requirements if you plan on growing this sod in your lawn. So, if you have time to spend on taking care of your garden, then you should consider growing Emerald Zoysia sod. With proper maintenance, Emerald Zoysia can make your yard stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, and here is how you can maintain this beautiful grass properly. When considering growing Emerald Zoysia sod, it might be beneficial to consult a Sod company for expert advice on delivery and care.

Emerald Zoysia Grass Maintenance Tips

When caring for Zeon and Emerald Zoysia sods, it's important to follow proper watering practices. These grasses thrive with deep, infrequent watering rather than frequent shallow watering. Additionally, they benefit from regular mowing to maintain their desired height. Another key feature of Zeon and Emerald Zoysia sods is their ability to resist disease and pests, reducing the need for chemical treatments. Proper fertilization with a balanced fertilizer can also promote healthy growth and color.

 Keeping track of irrigation

Emerald Zoysia thrives when given at least one inch of water every week. So, if the weather forecast shows 1 inch of rainfall in a particular week, you will not have to water Emerald Zoysia during such weeks. However, in case of a long dry phase, make sure you are giving no less than an inch of water to your Emerald Zoysia lawn every week until rainfall returns.

Proper fertilization is the key

While Emerald Zoysia requires fertilizers that are specially designed for a Zoysia lawn. You won’t have to fertilize this grass very often. For a new garden that didn’t have manure added before laying down Emerald Zoysia, you will have to use fertilizer at least once after the sod has rooted to the ground. However, for a lawn that is complete fertilizing the Emerald Zoysia once a year is enough, and you will have to add 2-4 pounds of nitrogen for every 1000 square feet for best results.

Mowing after regular intervals

According to experts, you should mow Emerald Zoysia grass every time it reaches 2 inches in length. Make sure to mow about ½ inch each time and avoid cutting the grass too short as it can hinder the growth of the blades. As a rule of thumb, an established Emerald Zoysia lawn should be mown every 10-14 days and clippings should be removed after each time you mow the lawn.

How does Emerald Zoysia compare to Zeon Zoysia?

Emerald and Zeon Zoysia are both similar in appearance; both have thin blades and the color of both of these grasses is almost identical. But the main advantage Emerald Zoysia has over Zeon is that it is cheaper. On the other hand, Zeon Zoysia is low maintenance and an ideal grass for someone who doesn’t have enough time to spend on lawn maintenance.

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