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How to Mow Your Lawn Correctly A Guide by Atlanta Sod Farms

Mowing the lawn is an essential aspect of homeownership, and mowing grass is vital to maintaining it good-looking and healthy. Yard owners love to mow their lawns; some do it for a workout, while others enjoy it as a hobby that is part of yard ownership. While cutting the grass may seem like a straightforward task, we at Atlanta Sod Farms often get questions about mowing a lawn properly. Believe it or not, improper techniques can do more harm than good for your yard and can even cause your grass to get damaged beyond repair. Our team at Atlanta Sod Farms has years of experience growing and supplying sod to commercial and residential yards across Atlanta. And we have the expertise needed to answer all your lawn-related questions correctly. So, if you have been wondering how to cut your grass correctly, then you are at the right spot, and we suggest you read on.

Lawn mowing tips by the top Atlanta sod company

While our Atlanta sod company makes sure to provide only the finest quality sod to homeowners, it is up to them to take proper care of the grass. Correct mowing is a vital lawn care component, and therefore it can directly affect how good it looks. So, without further ado, here are some lawn-mowing tips:

Make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp: Lawnmower blades can significantly impact the quality of the cut and the health of your grass. Dull blades will not cut the grass blades evenly, leaving them susceptible to disease. So, if you notice that your lawnmower is not cutting the grass evenly or hasn’t been serviced for a long time, get it serviced as soon as possible.

Leave the clippings in the lawn: Most homeowners pick up the lawn clippings after mowing their lawn; however, it is best to leave them in the yard as they quickly decompose and get absorbed by the soil. If you are cutting too low and too often, it can create a pile of clippings that will eventually choke out the rest of the lawn.

Don’t mow too often: At Atlanta sod farm, we recommend against cutting too often, and cutting should be done when needed, not on a schedule. For example, when the grass proliferates during the spring season, you will need to mow it more often than in fall or winter. So, instead of maintaining a schedule, keep an eye on the growth rate of the grass and cut it accordingly.

Avoid mowing in the same pattern: While it is a common habit of most yard owners, mowing your lawn in the same pattern is not a good approach. That is because repeatedly cutting the grass in the same direction will cause the lawn to lean in that direction. Not to mention you will have to deal with ruts, which can be unsightly to look at. So, when you are mowing your lawn, make sure you constantly alternate between different mowing patterns to make sure the grass stands tall and looks great.

Are you looking for more pro tips on how to keep your lawn healthy or looking for sod delivery? Contact us at (404) 631-7610 for all your sod needs.

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