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Maintenance Tips for Emerald Zoysia Sod

Everything that you plant in your lawn and backyard needs regular care. Despite being a low-maintenance and tolerant sod, Emerald Zoysia sod also requires you to look after it. This care aims to keep the emerald green color of the grass prosperous and the shape of its leaves intact for longer. Though you may need the services of a landscape gardener or sod farmers like Atlanta Sod Farms after regular intervals, there are certain maintenance tips that you need to be aware of to keep your lawn greener. This blog will discuss those tips, and you need to read them carefully.

Tips to Maintain Emerald Zoysia Grass

There are four essential care tips to maintain Emerald Zoysia grass such as mowing, watering, fertilizing, and weed control. If you don’t overlook any of them, your lawn can become the best attraction in the property you live in or the place where you’ve laid the sod. Let’s discuss what you need to do to maintain your lawn.


Every gardener and sod supplier will tell you that this emerald-colored grass doesn’t require much watering, which is true, but no greenery can survive without water. You just need to water the grass once a week and ensure it doesn’t exceed one inch. It will be enough to help the sod tolerate drought. If it rains one or more inches in a week, then there’s no need for watering, or it will exceed the necessary limit. Emerald only needs one inch of water per week, either through rain or another source.


The fertilization needs to vary during the growing period and once the grass has grown into a mature turf. When the sod is in its developing phase, it may need between two and three pounds of Nitrogen per thousand square feet in a year because this is when any plant needs more nutrition. After the turf has matured, one pound of Nitrogen per thousand square feet annually will be enough. Make sure not to over-fertilize the grass as it may increase the risk of diseases and weeds growing more often. Also, don’t apply fertilizer to wet turf, or it may burn the grass.


The first thing you need to ensure is that you’re either using a rotary or reel mower and that the blades are sharp. Otherwise, you’ll ruin the turf. Mow the grass at a height of one and a half inches to create a perfect turf. With regular and timely fertilization, you’ll need to cut the grass every seven to ten days.

Weed Control

Though the thick and dense turf of Emerald Zoysia deals with weeds effectively, it still needs herbicides to control the invasion of this unwanted greenery. Make sure to apply both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides that are specially formulated for this type of sod. Another crucial way of keeping weeds at bay is by mowing the lawn regularly.

We have provided you with some of the best essential maintenance tips for Emerald. If you still have any queries or confusion, contact at (404) 631-7610 expert gardeners and sod suppliers like Atlanta Sod to ensure your lawn stays green and in good shape.

We have discussed some commonly asked questions from customers to provide additional knowledge about the sod and its care. So, we suggest you keep reading.


How do you take care of emerald zoysia?

Emerald Zoysia doesn’t require much care and maintenance. You just need to water it regularly, provide a good fertilizer, and mow it every ten days to make sure it stays in good shape.

Is Zoysia grass hard to maintain?

Emerald Zoysia is one of the most low-maintenance types of sod, which is why it is one of the favorite ones of people around the globe. All you need to do is to water, fertilize, and mow it regularly to maintain it.

Is Zoysia better than Fescue?

Both types of grasses are known for their tolerance and ruggedness. Emerald Zoysia is a better choice for coastal areas and places with high pedestrian traffic, while Fescue is a good choice if you live in a region that receives less sunlight and the winter is harsher.

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