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Essential Things Regarding Installing Atlanta Sod to Beautify Your Land!

Atlanta is an attractive and green city; it is a dream come true for every garden or greenery enthusiast to have a well-maintained yard in Atlanta. Sod is one of the best ways to beautify your land with lush greenery. Sod is the mature lawn that is professionally grown and cultivated and then cut down in thick rolls along with their underlying roots and soil. Wherever they get installed, they form an instant green carpet of the garden. Sod farms, though, are not quite common in many areas. However, one of the best places for getting different kinds of sods and their installation processes is Atlanta Sod Farms. It is one of the best Sod company where the professional experts guide their clients with the most suitable products and services according to their needs and price range. Moreover, they also offer reliable installation and maintenance services.

3 Things to Consider Before Hiring Any Atlanta Sod Company

1. Quality of Sod

The first and foremost thing that gets considered while buying any sod is its quality and reliability. A high-quality sod is one that has deep penetrating roots and requires very little maintenance. At Atlanta sod farms, there is a wide variety of excellent quality sods, all of which are very supportive when it comes to their installation in your yard.

2. Competitive Sod Prices

The second important thing is sod prices. While depending upon the type of sod and the size of your lawn, it is necessary to have an idea of the installation cost first. Our company professionals help you get the right type of sod for you at the most competitive rates.

3. Time and Speed of Sod Installation

The time and season of the year you want to install sod grass on your lawn is another crucial factor to keep in mind. The best time to grow sod is the season between early winter and late summer. The Spring season is also a suitable choice for it. Moreover, our company's professionals know how to make the sod grass stay fresh for a long time by frequently rolling and unrolling it.

Sod Installation Process

The most significant thing for exceptional sod growth is soil preparations. It is essential to know before starting the sod installation procedure that your land soil has tilled. Different types of sod and fertilizers are also applied to the land to make it suitable for growth. After that, the only thing sod needs is proper watering for its excellent maintenance. Good soil preparation and maintenance will ultimately lead to the tremendous growth of sod. The roots of that sod will penetrate deep into your nutrient-rich land and absorb them for maximum growth. Another thing for you, beautification of your land by sod grasses is the latest farming techniques. These techniques get manipulated following the best strategies of farming industries.

The following is the procedure followed by Atlanta sod farms professionals to get the best results and client satisfaction.

  1. Survey of the land where the sod grass is to be installed.
  2. Walk-through the soil.
  3. Removal of weeds and grasses that have grown earlier in the area.
  4. Preparation of the land's soil for installing sod.
  5. Supplying fresh sod to land.
  6. Test Irrigation methods.
  7. Installation of any kinds of sod grass.
  8. The final walk-through the lush green cultivated green grass.
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