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Are You Looking for The Best Farm Direct Wholesaler? Try Atlanta Sod Farms

With the modern trends of beautifying outdoor areas or lands, the sod farming industry is flourishing day by day. Many people look forward to companies selling sod grasses or offering their installation services. Among them, Sod Farms are the best farm direct wholesaler. For many years, we have been leaders in this industry. Our selection of sod includes both wholesale sod and homegrown sod. We feel proud to tell that we offer an immense variety of sod grasses all over Atlanta. You can easily select the right type of sod that you think will enhance the beauty of your property.

Different Types of Sods at Atlanta Sod Farms

Atlanta Sod Farms specialize in several environment-friendly and water-conserving sod varieties. Unlike some local grasses, specific varieties of sod have damage resistance and great recovery times. Moreover, many of them have drought resistance. Some of the popular types of sod grasses available at our company are:

1. Tifway 419 Bermuda

It is a unique warm-seasoned lawn grass that is well-suited for a warm environment. It shows excellent growth results in sunny conditions. For several years it has been used as a sports turf due to its toughness, beauty, and durability.

2. Centipede

It is a very aggressive kind of grass with a good texture of medium green color. It is very suitable for people looking for the least maintenance grasses. Moreover, this sod is said to be shade tolerant.

3. Tall Fescue

It is a cool seasoned lawn grass that thrives well in transition zones of colder climate areas. It grows well in moist environmental conditions and heavily shaded areas.

4. Zoysia grasses

They are the finest grown grasses that require the least care and maintenance services. The different kinds of Zoysia grasses that are available at Atlanta Sod Company are:

5. Palmetto

It is a hybrid grass that stays green longer than all other types of grasses. It is a deep green sod having a medium texture. It can withstand different kinds of extreme environmental conditions. Moreover, it is a disease, shade, and cold-resistant sod.

6. Celebration Bermudagrass

It is a unique deep-blue green turf grass that is resistant to drought. It has large tolerance to shade, wear and tear and recovers very soon. This sod grass has been worked upon in several types of research for over many years.

Benefits of Buying Sod from Atlanta Sod Company

Our company has 20 years of combined experience in providing the best Atlanta sod. Here's how having sod benefits the environment: it prevents soil erosion, improves air quality, reduces heat and noise, and promotes biodiversity.

  • Our company offers the best customer service.
  • We provide more than 20 different species of sod grasses at the most reasonable sod prices.
  • Our sod supplying company is one of the most reputable companies in Atlanta.
  • Our dedicated team of sod professionals guarantees exceptional lawn sod services.
  • All of our products and services are reliable.
  • We satisfy our customers completely.
  • We are 100% Licensed and Insured Sod growers.
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