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First Growing Season – Questions to Ask Sod Suppliers

Have you just installed the grass and want it to look fantastic? Have you installed dormant sod in winter and you may be watching the greens coming up as roots begin to form? However, you may have questions because this is probably the first time you are working on your lawn. Things will be different, but you can always get answers from sod suppliers. However, there is one thing to keep in mind. When you type, sod farms there will be numerous options around you. Check them out. You should select one that has the best reviews. This blog will answer some of your questions.

Will the farms near me give me tips and guidance?

Yes, if you subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on social media, you can get the latest updates and best tips.

What is the best season for different grass types?

Here is what you need to know:

Is it okay to aerate my new sod?

Aerating the sod is a good practice. It ensures that your lawn gets all the air it needs so that nutrients and the water can reach the roots easily. However, after installing the sod, you do not need to aerate it for at least two years. If the sod has established enough, aerating it will rip the roots up. Before installation, the tilled soil will loosen the ground and allow sufficient airflow during the first season.

Is it a good idea to use pre-emergent herbicides on my new lawn?

Using pre-emergent herbicides prevent the growth of weed, and stops them even before they start germinating. However, this can have adverse effects on the roots as well. This is why experts like Atlanta Sod Farms recommend not using herbicides until they grow fully. Save it for the next year.

When is the best time to use post-emergent herbicides?

When you till the soil before laying the sod, you will expose the weed seeds to sunlight. Those lying dormant will become active and ready to grow after exposure to sunlight. They will show their nasty head right through the new grass, and you cannot handle them with a pre-emergent herbicide. They become visible after you mow the grass 3-4 times. When the installation process happens, after you have tilled it and tested the soil, we recommend that you test it for nutrients and then apply the right fertilizer.

When should I mow the lawn?

You can mow the lawn sooner than you think. Start mowing it once the sod starts growing enough to cut it. Make sure the sod roots are firmly growing and fixed and do not shift the sod when mowing it. Tug the sod on the sides to make sure the sod is strong enough to use the mower. If it is well rooted, it is “established.” Never mow more than 1/3rd of the blade at any time. The other word for this is scalping. If you overdo it, the green will turn to brown grass, which you do not want. Make the most of your sod farm.

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