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How Having Sod Benefits the Environment

5 Benefits of Living Near a Centipede Sod Farm

When you look at the annual seasonal cycle, you cannot avoid thinking about the snowy winters, the autumn leaves that fall and the ballparks in the summertime. The picturesque scenery is always breathtaking. Then when we turn to springtime, we envision the green rolling hills, which look equally breathtaking. The hills covered in green grass, flowers blooming, and all the beauty that nature beholds. The blanket of healthy and pure sod may seem unimportant but it plays a very important role in the entire seasonal rebirth. This is why, when you search for sod suppliers , you will find many decent sod farms, and we are proud to say that Atlanta Sod Farms is one of them. Some notable benefits sods offer include:

1. Support for the Ecosystem

Insects also benefit from sod. They breakdown the organic matter and release important gases and elements into the earth's crust. Worms, for instance, aerate the soil; they host plants and facilitate the growth of weeds and flowering plants. These organisms need sod to survive and cause better living environments for other living things. Therefore, sod is important to create a balanced and interdependent environment where there is biodiversity. Healthy sod is crucial for a flourishing environment. You would want to order some sod from the centipede sod near you.

2. Oxygen Generation

Sods like any other green plant contribute oxygen to our environment. As the human race increases in numbers, the need for oxygen increases. Without enough oxygen, life can be difficult not just for humanity, but for animals and other organisms as well. Without pure oxygen in our environment, the air pollution will get the better of us all. Therefore, there is so much need for sod all over the world.

3. Water Filtration

The top layer of healthy sod has a lot of loamy soil and is rich with nutrients it absorbs from the decomposing materials. When there is rainfall, the water activates the chemical reactions and filters out the impurities present in the soil. Eventually, the water finds its way to the roots. A healthy lawn can hold approximately 6000 gallons of rainwater. The groundwater maintains the soil beneath the sod.

4. Energy Conservation

When you have a healthy lawn or a centipede sod farm nearby, it can make life indoors very comfortable as well. During summer, a well-maintained lawn improves the temperature indoors by counteracting the heat from the sidewalks and streets or your driveway. According to some experiments, a healthy centipede grass is the best choice for maintaining a cool and comfortable environment around your home. A healthy sod can lower the temperature by 35-40 degrees, making it an ideal option for lawns in Southern regions.

5. Reduces Chemical Pollution

When we wash our vehicles, use wax, and other chemicals, the soapy and chemical-rich water gets to the grass nearby. This harmful concoction can cause a lot of environmental damage. Sod cleans the chemicals by making them harmless. Sod breaks down the chemicals to make them harmless and converts them into useful molecules that the plants and other living creatures can use to survive. Therefore, sod helps us by making the environment safer for all creatures. You should appreciate the centipede sod farm near you.


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