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Mistakes to Avoid After Installation of New Sod

If you have just laid new sod in your lawn or are planning on it, there are a few very crucial mistakes you must avoid so you can ensure the best way in which your lawn can flourishNew sod maintenance doesn’t have to be tricky! Below are a few tips on what to avoid and you are on your way to help your yard stay lush and beautiful for years to come.  

Not Watering Your Sod

If you want your newly installed sod to grow strong roots, persistent and frequent watering is the key to it. If sod is installed during summer weather, watering it throughout the day is going to ensure that it will not shrink and die. You must water your lawn in such a way that moisture is always present for at least about a time period of two weeks following the installation. You can keep watering it for an additional two weeks to make sure that it stays fresh and doesn’t dry out. boost the empire zoysia sod water by watering it deeply but infrequently. This encourages the roots to grow deeper into the soil, making your lawn more drought-resistant in the long run. You must water your newly installed sod for a minimum of 45 minutes to ensure that the lawn and soil gather moisture which will help with the rooting process. Give 15-20 minutes watering sessions to the sod twice a day for about two weeks after the installation. 

Not Mowing Your Sod

A newly installed sod roots within 10-14 days of installation, and this is the ideal time to mow your lawn for the first time after laying sod. Be sure that you set your mower to the highest possible setting in order to avoid cutting too close to the roots. Walking or running on newly installed sod can prevent the fragile roots from growing properly. Try keeping your pets and kids away in the beginning for about two weeks as too much contact will cause damage to the roots that are trying to grow deep down into the soil. 

Watering Sod in the Afternoon

The best time of the day for watering your sod is early morning or late evening. Avoid watering your sod in the afternoon as it is the warmest part of the day and can cause water to evaporate rather than being absorbed. It will be an excellent decision to invest in a timed sprinkler if your budget allows it. A timed lawn sprinkler is ideal for distributing optimal amount of water at the best time of the day. Keep your lawn moisturized as lack of moisture can cause soil to lose essential nutrients needed for your lawn. 

Not Applying Fertilizer to Your Sod

New lawns thrive with the application of fertilizer which works to help, create and maintain a sustainable root system that will keep your lawn lush for years to come. If you are depriving your newly installed sod of quality fertilizer, you are making a huge mistake. For the fertilizer to reach deep into the roots, it is recommended to aerate your lawn. If you are looking for a trusted sod delivery company in Atlanta, contact us at atlanta sod. You can give us a call or send an email today for a free quote.

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