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How do You Care for Celebration Bermuda? (A Popular Sod Among Atlanta Sod Growers)

Celebration Bermuda grass is a popular grass among Atlanta Sod growers, and it is also very suitable for the Atlanta weather. Due to its rugged nature, you can also find this grass in sports fields, high-traffic areas, golf courses, and other rough use applications. It loves the sunny weather of Atlanta, and it benefits from the long hours of sunlight; however, it can also tolerate some shade. At Sod Company, we have been providing the finest Celebration Bermuda sod to the lawns of Atlanta and nearby regions. This deep blue, green grass is loved by many due to its unique characteristics. While it is a tough grass, it still needs the care to grow to its full potential, and therefore the grower needs to know how to care for Celebration Bermuda properly. So, if you have been wondering how to care for Celebration Bermuda grass properly, this article is all you need to read.

What are the ideal conditions for Celebration Bermuda as per the Atlanta sod company?

Before we jump into the care tips for Bermuda grass, let's talk about the ideal growing conditions for this grass. Our Atlanta based Sod company has seen Celebration Bermuda grass thriving in a variety of different regions; however, it prefers the following conditions and how to plant Bermuda Grass seed:

Ideal for sunny and shaded areas: Unlike other Bermuda verities, our Celebration Bermuda variety can tolerate both sunny and shady areas equally well.

Drought resistant: While proper watering is needed after you lay down this grass, it has exceptional drought resistance. When the sod is established, you have to water it as little as once per week to maintain its color and texture.

Maintenance needs: This grass requires mowing when it reaches between one or two inches in length, and in high-growth phases, you will have to cut it quite frequently.

Care tips for Celebration Bermuda grass

One of the most common Celebration Bermuda-related questions we get at Atlanta sod farms is its maintenance and care needs. So, without further ado, here is how you can adequately care for and maintain Celebration Bermuda grass:

Mowing Tips: As mentioned above, you should be mowing this grass when it reaches 1 to 2 inches in height. However, it is essential to make sure you are not cutting more than 1/3 of the leaves each time. If your Celebration Bermuda is growing too fast, you should still wait at least five days.

Watering tips: As mentioned above, this grass is highly drought-resistant which means it doesn't require much watering to stay healthy. We recommend giving it more than an inch of water each week. However, if you have laid down fresh sod, you will have to water it more frequently.

Fertilization: You can fertilize your lawn every month during summer since it is the high-growth period of this grass.

Insect control: Use grubworm treatment for your Bermuda lawn and make sure to water the lawn after application. You should also watch out for nematodes, mole crickets, and billbugs in your Celebration Bermuda lawn and treat them as soon as possible to prevent damage.

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