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How Can You Prepare Your Lawn For Summer? A Guide By The Atlanta Sod Company

Summer is the peak time for your lawn to grow, and there are a lot of lawn care activities for yard owners to do. However, summer brings its own set of challenges when it arrives. It is not uncommon for lawns to become unhealthy and patchy during summers; that is why we at Atlanta Sod Farms suggest yard owners to prepare for the summer heat. Here in Atlanta, the weather is perfect for different types of sod, and therefore homeowners love to grow and maintain their yards. One common question our sod experts get from homeowners is regarding preparations that should be made as summer approaches. So, if you are wondering how to prepare your lawn as you leave spring behind and enter into summer, this article is for you.

Steps to prepare your lawn for summer by the top Atlanta sod company

Preparing your lawn for summer is an easy process that you can complete within a few days; however, it goes a long way when it comes to your grass’s health. Since our Sod Company has been in the sod business for over 20 years, we understand the ins and outs of yard care and maintenance. So, without further ado, here is how you can prepare your lawn for summer in a few easy steps:

Clean your lawn: Leaves and twigs have fallen during the fall season, and they can accumulate in your property during the months of winter. Since spring is the high growth time for your yard before the summer heat approaches, you don’t want debris covering your lawn as it can cause diseases and prevent growth. So, the first thing you should do after the fall ends is spring cleaning your yard, so it is fresh and ready for summer.

Mow your lawn during spring: Spring is the rapid growth season for most grass varieties, and therefore you may have to know how to mow your lawn correctly and mow your lawn more frequently to keep it at a manageable length. However, make sure you don’t cut the grass too short during the spring season, so the blades are developed and healthy to face the summer heat.

Watch out for weed growth: Spring and summer are common seasons for weed growth in lawns, and therefore you must keep an eye out for weed growth during these seasons. If weeds can occupy significant portions of your yard during spring, you will end up with weed overgrowth during summer, and it can ruin your lawn’s health and appearance. Therefore, it is essential to use a herbicide if you spot any weed growth during spring so that as the summer approaches, your yard is weed-free.

Replant at the bare spots of your lawn: It is not uncommon for grass to die during winter seasons. Consequently, it is crucial to replant sod during the spring season so that the bare spots in your lawn are appropriately covered, and there is no room for weeds to grow in. Atlanta sod farm suggests replanting with the correct sod type in spring will also ensure that your lawn is blooming during summer and the bare spots are evened up.

Sod delivery requires expertise and care, which you can get by contacting us at (404) 631-7610 and buying sod from us.

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