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Is Centipede Grass the Best Choice for Your Lawn Needs?

The southeastern U.S. is famous for its warm climate, and Atlanta happens to be the top city in Georgia that experiences prolonged periods of summer. With so many varieties available in turfgrass that thrive well in warm climates, for most homeowners, it’s a challenge to pick the best variety. However, since we have enough experience in growing and offering the finest quality sod in Atlanta, we would like to guide you on the best option that would be ideal for your home in Atlanta.

Centipede grass makes it to the top for your lawn needs. It has so many positive traits, making it a popular option. Before placing a sod order at our sod farms,we want you to learn about the common benefits of this variety. This should help you decide the right options for your particular needs.

Less Care Required

Centipede grass sod generally requires less maintenance when compared to the other varieties available. Their growth rate is relatively slow and allows you to go longer between the trims without worrying about giving your lawn an overgrown or shaggy appearance. In comparison to other types of grass, this type also suffers from fewer disease problems and pest infestations. It helps to reduce the need for an emergency treatment.

Less Chances of Weed Growth

If you have experience with a lawn, you will know just how exhausting and frustrating it can be to weed a lawn and relying on chemical weed treatments can threaten the waterways around your home. When you choose centipede sod for your home, this will reduce the need for chemical weeding and hand picking. Centipede grass rapidly spreads and fills in gaps. Hence, this reduces the space needed for weeds to grow.Just keep in mind that weed resistance will only occur when the sod grows in complete thickness. In its early days, before the roots grow and spread, you will need to pay close attention to weeding.

Accommodates Different Soil Types

Much turf grass demands fertile and enriched soil, but centipede grass is a great choice because it doesn’t need a specific type of soil. It can accommodate any soil condition. From highly acidic soil to loose soil, it can grow well without the chances of drying out. It can also grow well in clay soil. Alkaline soil with pH reading of 7.0 and higher will also allow the grass to grow in any area in Atlanta. Atlanta Sod Farms provides the best quality centipede sod types that thrive in various soil conditions, ensuring a lush and beautiful lawn for your property.


When you choose centipede grass, this will allow you to save thousands of dollars on overall costs. You won’t have to spend much on soil improvement. Before choosing this sod, just have a soil test done, to ensure that you don’t risk the case of having soil that needs its pH value reduced before installation. In addition, this grass has the lowest requirements of nitrogen among all other species in turf. In fact, if you apply more than half a pound of nitrogen for centipede turf per 1000 square feet, this will lead to a decline in the sod health. Installing centipede sod in Atlanta could help you to save thousands of dollars annually. For the highest quality, durable, and lush centipede sod in Atlanta, please feel free to contact us at Atlanta Sod Farms. You can choose us today for all your sod needs, and we guarantee the best services!


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