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Why is Installing Sod Better Than Seeding as Per Atlanta Sod Companies?

Sod is an instant lawn waiting to be laid down and establish on your bare soil. That makes an ideal choice for most homes in Atlanta, and people have been laying sod, as their go-to method of getting a green lawn quickly. At Atlanta Sod, we have been laying down sod in Atlanta lawns and nearby areas, and over time, we have noticed significant benefits of sodding that seeding doesn’t offer. While laying sod and seeding are both widely used methods of growing grass, sodding has some properties that make it one step above seeding. Keep in mind that we are not discouraging seeding at Atlanta Sod Farms. But since many of our customers ask us how laying sod is better than seeding, we have decided to answer this question in this article. And we suggest you keep reading until the end to find out a detailed answer to this question.

Benefits of installing sod, as per Atlanta Sod Company

The most significant advantage you get when sodding is knowing exactly what color and texture of grass you will be getting. However, predictability is not the only benefit of laying sod, as per our Atlanta sod company. Without further ado, here are some key benefits of sodding that make it an attractive alternative to seeding and mistakes to avoid when installing sod:

An instant lawn: Sodding has been long admired for the look it can give your property as soon as you lay it down. If you are moving into a new house or building a new home, and the yard needs to be populated with grass, sod is the only way to get a green lawn within days. On the other hand, seeding can take more than a year to bring desired results. An experienced sod installation crew makes sure that your sod is being laid down correctly and established within two weeks of installation. Sodding can be done in almost all seasons of the year except during extreme winter. While seeding has to be done during specific times of the year, making it a more time-consuming and delayed method of getting your lawn filled with grass.

Lower water requirements: While newly laid down sod doesn’t need a lot of water after establishing seeding, your yard is a whole different story. After seeding the lawn, you will have to water the yard multiple times a day to keep the soil moist and prevent the seeds from drying. That takes a lot more water compared to sod installation. You can follow a watering schedule of twice per week after the sod has been adequately established. So, if you don’t have plenty of water available to water the soil before and after the grass seeds germinate, then we strongly suggest you go with sodding instead of seeding your yard.

Better quality: As mentioned above, when you are laying sod, you get an accurate idea of how your grass will look once established. That is because we produce sod from high-quality seeds and tested techniques that ensure high-quality sod. Not to mention every section of your lawn is going to get the same high-quality grass. On the other hand, there is no way to tell grass quality when you plant seeds until the grass germinates and matures. So, if you want quality control, then sodding is the way to go

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