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How to Care For Meyer Zoysia Sod? A Guide by Atlanta Sod Farms

Meyer Zoysia is a genetically modified sod bred to be heat tolerant, making it the perfect sod for Atlanta lawns. However, it is also popular in the country that sees both hot and cold weather throughout the year. At Atlanta Sod Farms, we have sold and installed Meyer Zoysia grass in yards in areas around Atlanta, and it performs flawlessly for most Atlanta lawns. While Meyer Zoysia can withstand drought and heat pretty well, it still requires proper care to maintain its full glory. Many yard owners who are about to buy Meyer Zoysia or have recently gotten this sod installed ask Atlanta Sod how to care for and maintain this grass type properly. While we thoroughly guide people, who buy Meyer Zoysia sod from us about this grass's care and maintenance needs, we have put together this helpful guide for anyone who is not sure about its maintenance needs. And we suggest you read this until the end to provide proper care to your Meyer Zoysia lawn.

Maintenance Tips After Meyer Zoysia Sod Installation

From transporting to sod installation, our team takes proper care that the Meyer Zoysia sod reaches your location in pristine condition and is installed correctly. However, once the installation is done, it is up to you as the homeowner to maintain your turf. With that being said, here are some important care and maintenance tips for Meyer Zoysia sod:

Watering: Mature Meyer Zoysia lawns require one inch of water per week and watering can either be through rain or artificial irrigation. When the grass is getting at least an inch of rainwater per week, you don't have to water it. However, you should not water your lawn too much or too often, as it will prevent the grass's roots from digging deeper and properly established in your lawn. So, if you are looking for sod for sale on Google that is not too demanding when it comes to irrigation needs, Meyer Zoysia is a perfect choice.

Fertilizing: We recommend fertilizing your lawn when the sod is being laid down on your property. You should also consider whether to use liquid fertilizer or granular fertilizer for healthy sod. Once your Meyer Zoysia grass starts to grow and establish, another dose of fertilizer should be given after a month of the sod plantation. The third dose of fertilizer should be provided by the end of summer. However, sometimes a soil test would be needed to find out if fertilization is immediately necessary or not. Make sure to apply high-quality fertilizer and use a specialized rotary spreader to apply the fertilizer.

Pest and diseases control: Like any other sod, Meyer Zoysia can be damaged by different pests and diseases. While each pest or disease will require specialized treatment, it is best to take a proactive approach and use pre-emergent solutions to prevent herbs and pests from emerging in the first place. What are some common lawn diseases to watch for? Once the insect or disease control solutions are applied, maintain a proper water schedule to keep the grass in good shape.

Meyer Zoysia sod can be a perfect choice for you if you can manage to provide the care mentioned above, to it. Are you looking for sod grass online? Save yourself the trouble and get in touch with us at (404) 631-7610 for all your sod needs.

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