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Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Sod (Guide by Atlanta Sod Farms)

Everyone wants a green lawn to complement their beautiful house in Atlanta. The weather of Atlanta is also ideal for optimal grass growth, so it makes sense why you see so many lush green lawns in the Atlanta region. However, the beautiful lawns you see around your neighborhood are a result of the love and care provided to them by the homeowners. Here in Atlanta, you can get high-quality sod from us at Atlanta Sod however, even the highest quality sod won’t do much if you are not installing it properly. While we offer sod installation services some homeowners like to install it themselves. These homeowners often make some common mistakes when installing sod in their lawns that can be detrimental. So, if you are wondering what these common mistakes are so you can avoid them when installing sod yourself then you are at the right spot. In this article, we are going to tell you about the common mistake’s homeowners make when installing sod and how to avoid them.

Mistakes people commonly make when installing sod, as per Atlanta Sod Company

Let's face it you don't install sod every day, so it makes sense to let experts at our Atlanta sod company handle the installation for you. However, if you are an avid believer in the do-it-yourself ideology and want to carry on with sod installation yourself then here are some mistakes you should avoid:

Choosing the wrong grass type: There are plenty of different types of sods available at our farm. Not to mention there are subtypes of major sods that further make it difficult to select the right sod for your lawn. When a customer arrives at our farm for the sod they want to buy we carefully evaluate their soil conditions and the area where they are installing the sod before suggesting sod for them. However, when homeowners are choosing the sod themselves they often end up picking the wrong type of grass that doesn't suit their soil, climate temperatures, drought conditions, and other circumstances. So, when you are selecting a sod variety for your lawn make sure it fits well with the characteristics of your lawn and your local environment.

Laying down sod during wrong seasons: Laying down sod during extreme cold or hot seasons can be devastating for your lawn. At Atlanta, sod farm experts believe that while sod can be installed even during summer it is best to lay it during spring or fall when it is cooler. Installing sod during cold and hot seasons will not allow it to develop roots and it can turn pink or die completely.

Not preparing the soil: Before laying down sod in your lawn, you'll need to add compost and fertilizer and balance its pH to ensure it's ready for sod installation. However, many homeowners often skip this crucial step, which can adversely affect the health of their sod later on. Similarly, homeowners sometimes lay down sod on a dirty lawn full of debris, which can also negatively impact the health of the sod. Therefore, before laying new sod, ensure that your lawn and soil are adequately prepared. Additionally, there are some common mistakes to avoid after installation of new sod

Now that you know common sod installation mistakes to avoid it is time to call us at (404) 631-7610 and choose the right sod for your lawn.
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