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Maintenance Comparison of Emerald Zoysia to Zeon Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia

This Zoysia sod cultivation originated in the Georgian state. It is also called fine-textured hybrid zoysia. That may be due to a unique combination of two different varieties of zoysia that get cultivated in a unique combination to form a mat. Emerald zoysia is a perfect Atlanta sod grass option if you love to enjoy taking care of your outdoor areas. It is a dark green colored low growth sod that has extreme weather and irregular watering tolerance. When properly taken care of, it thrives well. Its extraordinary properties thus making it one of the most attractive Zoysia grass species.

Zeon zoysia

It is a well-known type of sod that got named after its discoverer Slovenian botanist, Karl von Zois. It is a unique kind of creeping grass that is native to Japan and Korea. Besides them, currently, it is found in some areas of Australia and Asia too. This novel type of sod grass has distinctive features like smooth texture, low growth rate, and soft feel leaves. The growth pattern of Zeon zoysia is in the form of dense mat-like patches. Thus, it is most commonly utilized for covering flat surfaces as well as for halting erosion on hilly slopes. Two of the unique features of this sod are that it is a natural weed repellent and can withstand fungal growth easily.

Zeon and Emerald Zoysia Grass Maintenance Comparison

The following is the comparison of some maintenance characteristics of both these Zoysia sods:

1.  Watering

Emerald sod grass can tolerate extreme summers, winter, and irregular watering schedule. However, the optimum watering by which it thrives well is applying 1-inch of water every week. On the other hand, Zeon sod requires a regular watering schedule for maximum growth. The roots of both these sods penetrate deep into the ground, where they absorb moisture and keep themselves hydrated and evergreen.

2. Mowing

An alternative to the watering schedule, Emerald Zoysia maintains a mowing height of 0.5-1.5 inches on a regular mowing schedule. On the other hand, Zeon sod maintains an equivalent mowing height by mowing every 7-10 days. However, both of them are fewer maintenance grasses and can get mowed with a standard rotatory mower easily. Your lawn can also look better when both these types of sod grasses get mowed by a reel mower. If you're considering sod for your lawn, our sod company offers a variety of options including Emerald Zoysia and Zeon sod.

Application of Fertilizers

There is no specific type of fertilizers for Emerald sod grass. You can apply any soil fertilizer according to the labeled instructions on them. For the application of nitrogen fertilizers on it, there are two conditions that either the grass height must be at least 4 inches, or the temperature of the soil should be 65oF. Contrary to it, Zeon zoysia sod grasses require specific fertilizers labeled only for them. They also need 2-4lbs of slow nitrogen release fertilizer annually every 1000 square feet. However, be very careful while applying fertilizers on both these sods because too much fertilizer application can create an unhealthy and thatch lawn.

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