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Thinking About Laying Down Centipede Sod in Your Lawn? Read This First

If you are planning on laying down centipede sod in your lawn, then chances are you have already heard about its low maintenance needs. Centipede grass is a popular grass here in Atlanta, so it makes sense why homeowners want to grow this sod in their lawns. At Sod Farms, we often get homeowners that wish to get centipede sod for their yard because of its low maintenance needs. However, any sod expert would tell you that maintenance needs aren't the only thing you should consider when buying a certain kind of sod for your lawn. This article will tell you everything you need to know about centipede sod, so read on.

Characteristics of Centipede Sod to Look for When Buying it From an Atlanta Sod Company

Centipede sod has a unique appearance that sets it apart from other types of sod. This is why you should be on the lookout for these key characteristics when buying centipede sod from an Atlanta-based Sod Company such as us:

  • The color of centipede sod varies depending upon the fertilization it has been getting. Typically, healthy centipede sod is light green; however, it might turn dark green when fertilized with nitrogen.
  • Centipede sod has flat leaf blades that reach 30mm in length and about 3 mm in width.
  • Centipede sod leaves are round at the base, which gives the grass a unique look.
  • If you touch a centipede grass blade, you will notice that it is rough to touch.
  • Centipede sod is easy to care for, and we recommend it for homeowners looking for useful grass for their lawn.

Why Centipede Sod is a Good Option for an Atlanta Lawn?

Whenever a customer asks us why centipede sod is a good option for their lawn in Atlanta, we generally tell them because of its high heat tolerance and low maintenance needs. However, the in-depth answer to this question would require a little more explanation.In Atlanta, weed growth in the lawn is typically a big problem. Weed can quickly grow in the vacant spaces in your yard that the grass doesn't cover. The good thing about centipede sod is that it grows quickly, leaving little to no room for weed to grow.


Another reason we at Atlanta Sod Farms recommend centipede sod for Atlanta lawns is that it can adjust well to different soil types that Atlanta has to offer. While most other types of sods require a specific kind of soil to thrive, we have seen centipede sod grow in acidic, alkaline, loose, and even sandy soil reasonably well. However, the winter season is not ideal for centipede sod, which is where it is weak. So, if you are planting centipede sod in an area that gets cold or there is snow, the chances it might not regrow to its full potential. However, since Atlanta weather is mostly warm with short winters, centipede sod tends to thrive in most Atlanta areas, with a few exceptions. Are you looking to get centipede sod for your Atlanta lawn? Just give us a call at (404) 631-7610.

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