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Things to Consider When Buying Sod from An Atlanta Sod Company

Having a beautiful lawn with green grass is every American homeowner's dream, especially here in Atlanta. However, growing the grass in your yard is the most challenging part, and that is where sod comes in. You can simply buy sod from an Atlanta based sod company such as Sod Farms can help you achieve your dream of a full lawn without the hassle of planting seeds and growing grass from scratch. The sod you buy from us is already established, and all you have to do is lay it down on your lawn with minimal preparation. With that being said, we often get homeowners who are not sure about what things need to be considered when buying sod. To help anyone who is planning on buying sod here is what you should consider when buying sod from an Atlanta based company such as yourself or anywhere in the US.

The Sod You Are Buying from An Atlanta Sod Company Should Be One Inch Long

Since the whole idea of laying down sod is to lay down grass that is already established, you have to consider the length of the grass when buying it. In most cases, the sod should be at least 2 inches long. This makes sure that the grass you just purchased from an Atlanta sod company is mature and has developed roots, and it can easily be transferred to your property. The different types of sods you can buy from us are already established with ideal length and established roots, so all you have to do is simply lay them sod down on your lawn inwards and watch it grow. Generally, the longer and thicker the grass is, the more the chances of it settling in your yard.

The Thickness of The Soil on The Sod Should Be No More Than 1 Inch

Once you have made sure that the sod you are buying has grass blades with proper length, the next thing to ensure is the sod soil thickness. You would want to ensure that the sod has at least one inch of soil attached to it, and the roots should appear to be interlocked and thick on the underside of the sod. This is a sign that the sod will have no problem taking roots into your lawn soil. Another important thing we recommend you to notice is the dirt on the sod shouldn't be too thick either because this will make it harder for the roots to grow through the soil and reach the soil of your lawn. Get rid of ants from your sod by applying natural remedies like diatomaceous earth or using ant-repelling plants around your lawn.

The Sod Should Arrive at Your Home with The Grass Part Rolled

When you are taking delivery of your sod, make sure it arrives with the grass part rolled inwards to protect the grass during transport. At Atlanta sod farm, we always ensure that if the sod has to be rolled for transportation, it is adequately rolled with the green side rolled inwards. Not only does it protect the grass, but it also makes sod installation easier and safer. Are you looking for quality sod in Atlanta? Just give us a call at (404) 631-7610 or visit our website for more contact details.

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