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Beautify Your Land with Atlanta Sod Farm’s Premium Lush Green Sod!

Sod or turf is the lush, beautiful grassy part of soil together with the root anchoring in its thin layer. It is usually used for creating the perfect surface, for lawn growers and the beautification of outdoor living areas of houses. We at Sod Company offer a variety of sod that can be used for aesthetics in fields, parks, golf courses, amusement parks as well as home gardens.

Atlanta Sod Growth

Depending on the sod type, it can even be grown at places where seedling or planting is difficult. It is available in a wide variety of grass blends which are not dependent on environmental conditions to grow like regular plants. For example, the Zoysia sod does not require much maintenance, does not require daily watering, and can be cultivated in a partially shaded environment. This is the reason that Atlanta Sod Farms is the place to go if you are searching for sod farms near me.

Types of sod

Here at Atlanta Sod, we offer a wide variety of sod types that serve at many commercial sites mainly for aesthetic purposes and their wear resistance.There are three basic types of sod:

  1. Tifway 419 Bermuda

Tifway 419 Bermuda is a very dense, fine-textured as well as hybrid version of sod Bermuda grass which requires full sun to grow and flourish. They are most commonly called warm-season sod grass because they have excellent heat tolerance, so they are mostly used in open grounds.

  1. Centipede

Centipede sod grass is another common type of sod that is well suited to low pH soils. It is a very slowly growing sod grass that sometimes needs fertilizer for proper growth. They are most commonly used in parks and home gardens.

  1. Zoysia Sod Grasses

Among all the types of sod grasses, Zoysia Sod Grasses are the best because they do not require regular maintenance or care. They are further classified into five groups based on their unique qualities and beauty they offer. They are most commonly grown in commercial sites as they are regarded as the most beautiful growing grasses.

Types of Zoysia Sod Grasses

  1. Empire Zoysia
  2. Zeon Zoysia
  3. Emerald Zoysia
  4. Meyer Zoysia
  5. Jamur Zoysia

Lawn Sod Services

We specialize in many kinds of landscaping services, taking complete care of sod or turf. Following are the details of Lawn Sod services provided by us.

  1.  Landscape design

  1. Sod Installation

Our Sod grass is cultivated on our sod farms, so we can say with safety that they have the qualities that we have mentioned. We offer sod delivery wherever you want in Atlanta, which makes us a good sod supplier company.

  1. Sod Wholesale

We provide the most beautiful sod to both retail and wholesale customers all over Atlanta in the very reasonable sod prices and best quality guarantee.

  1. Ground Preparation

Before the installation of sod, ground preparation is essential which must be done by professionals.

  1. Irrigation

After ground preparation and installation of sod, irrigation by an ample supply of water is required. For that, use a water sprinkler system that will make your sod look great.

The Sod Installation Process

  1. Survey & Walk-Through of soil
  2. Removal & Preparation
  3. Fresh Sod Supplied
  4. Mark & Test Irrigation
  5. The Installation of Sod
  6. The Final Walk-Through the cultivated green grass

Benefits of Buying Sod from Us

  • Best Customer Service
  • Affordable sod prices
  • Reputable Company
  • On-Time Scheduling
  • Top Quality
  • Licensed & Insured
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