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How Can You Get Rid of Ants From Your Sod?

When it comes to ants and how they affect sod, you should know they are very successful insects. If your new lawn provides a conducive environment, for sure they will spread rapidly. Once they spread, this will lead to dreadful anthills covering your entire yard. In return, your sod will appear rough and patchy. Depending on the types they are, ants can be quite harmful to your lawn.For example, let’s consider fire ants. These are always bad news. They are aggressive, and their bites can be quite harsh. In addition, some ants can just be difficult to deal with, because if they increase in number, they will find their way into your home.

A lawn infested with several anthills will only welcome them to cross over into your home. You must take immediate steps to get rid of them and this should prevent further damages to your home and sod. At Atlanta Sod Farms, we are proud to say that we are unsurpassed in sod delivery services. As owners of the best and reliable local sod, we would like to guide you on how you can get rid of ants from your sod.

Preventing Ant Population

To manage the ant population, you can do some things on your own. To kill the ants, you can spread diatomaceous earth. This is an effective substance and acts more like a poison that’s just specific to ants. It’s not harmful or non-toxic for animals or people. However, if it’s still not under control since ants can be plentiful, you can get professional treatment. Over time, if you ignore the increase of ants, the sod, including different types of sod, will become unattractive and damaged.

3 Major Issues that Ants Can Cause to Your Sod Quality

If ants spread quickly on your sod, they can lead to three major issues. These include:

1. Creating Bigger Patches below Anthills

If you do not tackle their infestation on time, the grass beneath the anthills they create will die. Eventually, it will be difficult for you to fill the patches if they multiply.

2. Recessed Grass Areas

Furthermore, larger colonies of ants will only cause sunken areas, which will lead to the sod going low or sinking in further. You will need to fill these areas again, especially if you want to have an attractive lawn.

3. Poor Quality Sod

If the network of ants grows underneath the sod, this will dampen the grass quality, and hinder it from water absorption. After trying out various methods or techniques to control ants, if the issue prolongs, the best choice would be to have new sod. For this, we suggest that you wait until the ant infestation situation comes under control or resolves.

Are Ants Beneficial for Sod?

Although ants are not good for sod or turf, you can get some benefits if you have them in sod. Ant’s do not eat the grass or disturb the grassroots. They offer some notable benefits. They eat other insects, which could damage the grass. Ants also aerate your sod, promoting faster growth. This simply means, when you install new sod, you can encourage some ants to spread in the yard. They will help by aerating the soil and make it easier for the grass to grow. However, if the ants overrun your sod, it will create a significant problem.


For most homeowners, managing ant related problems can be daunting, since they spread quickly. The best advice is to consult lawn experts who can guide you on how to manage and deal with them. New installation of sod will enhance the aesthetic appeal and resolve the issue. For more tips on how to care for sod correctly, feel free to contact us at Atlanta Sod Farms!

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