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Why Should You Choose Us for Sod Delivery in Atlanta?

Choosing the right sod can help you to beautify your home and create the perfect lawn you always desired. Considering sod delivery doesn’t actually mean that you are making a huge investment. With artificial turf comes several benefits and choosing it can be the best decision you make. However, you need to understand that selecting sod/turf requires professional expertise. It is advisable that you only choose experienced sod growers in your area, who will be able to guide you and provide the best quality sod.

When you choose us at Atlanta Sod Farms, rest assured that you are in the right hands. With several years of experience beautifying Atlanta homes, we are glad to offer you different types of sod. From Tifway 419 Bermuda to centipede and St. Augustine, we have the perfect sod types suitable for Atlanta’s climate and aesthetic purposes, ensuring your landscaping fits the unique requirements of sod in Atlanta. Here are some of the reasons you should choose us as turf providers for your lawn, yard, or compound.

We are Professional Growers

Since we are professionals in this niche, we understand the intricacies that go into creating professional turf. We fully understand and appreciate the fact that people want quality sod. As per the client’s requirements, we can prepare the most magnificent looking turfs, just as you desire. Each one has the capability to hold sufficient traffic. They are rewarding and economical to maintain at the same time.

Best Soil Compatibility

Since we grow the turfs locally, our promise is that each one will offer the best soil compatibility. It means the turf will continue to grow once we transplant it. Our priority is to go beyond the soil. We choose grass varieties best suited for Atlanta’s environment, including types of sod. This should also reduce maintenance costs and guarantees that the yard appears great throughout the year.

Affordable Prices for Quality Turf

To have a beautiful front yard or compound, it doesn’t mean you have the break the bank! At Atlanta Sod Farms, we offer customized packages that will suit the needs of clients. Evaluating the space first, our experts will then draw a quotation specific to your turf needs, including measures to prevent sod from turning yellow. Rest assured that the packages we offer would prove to be excellent value for your money. With so many turf types to choose from, we guarantee prompt delivery services.

Our Turfs Supports Significant Foot Traffic

Choosing artificial turf means it will take the shortest hold time to be safe to use. Our turfs are durable, and they can withstand excessive foot traffic within just a couple of weeks. It simply means the ground will be ready for use within the shortest time. When we install the turf, we assure you the appearance of your yard will instantly transform.


Serving a large client base in Atlanta, quick delivery time is what makes us stand out compared to others. Within the shortest time, you will have the lawn delivered to your home. At any point in the year, we offer a variety of sods ready. Based on customer demands we have mastered the patterns of growing sod. For further information on the turf/sod types, we have, please contact us now.


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