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Which Sod Is Best for Your Landscape, Centipede, Bermuda or St. Augustine?

Based on our experience, and the vast number of landscapes we have helped beautify, we can say that choosing the right sod has an amazing impact on your landscape. It helps to promote years of durability and beauty. Since Georgia experiences steamy, hot and long summers, warmer climates like these support certain species of grass, such as Centipede, St. Augustine, and Bermuda Sod. However, when most of our clients visit us at our sod farms , they ask us to guide them on the best one for their yard. Which one will offer the best aesthetic appeal, and offer durability?

Since we have bagged years of experience in this niche, at Atlanta Sod Farms, we would like to guide you on the difference of each one, and the benefits of these styles of sods. This should help you to choose the best sod for your backyard, front yard, or lawn. However, for more details or a better guide, you can depend on our specialists to help you through the selection process, and they will evaluate your yard’s soil condition, as well as other factors to evaluate the best one suitable.

Centipede Sod in Atlanta

Slow growing, soft-bladed and light green in color, Centipede grass is perfect for your landscape if low maintenance and attractiveness are what you desire in your yard. What makes it a special choice is the fact that it is heat and drought tolerant. This feature makes it easy to care for, even in terms of watering. A plus point with this sod is that it hardly ever goes in a dormant state, meaning that as long as the temperatures remain warm, you will have a completely green lawn all year round. Note that due to the light color of this grass, it is best to keep it short and not long. Mow the sod when it exceeds a few inches away in length consider planting it in any area in your yard.

Bermuda Sod in Atlanta

If you want a grass species that can tolerate low moisture, high temperatures and lasts through the years, then Bermuda sod is the perfect option for your yard. It is a quick growing sod, looks lush and requires low maintenance. Once laid on your yard, the thick bladed, green grass takes root and spreads soon, covering the entire area evenly. Since it grows aggressively, you may also combine it with other types of sod to create a distinctive landscape. This grass would be quite stubborn to get rid of, and you have to mow it regularly (weekly). The best time to install sod is during the spring or fall when temperatures are mild, allowing for optimal growth and establishment.

St. Augustine Sod in Atlanta

This is renowned as a thick growing grass species and creates an inviting and lush landscape. The St. Augustine grass has a rich, green tint, and prominent in Atlanta’s warmer seasons. The only downside of choosing this sod type is that although it thrives well in shady areas, it can damage or wear down in areas that experience heavy foot traffic by pets or children. A few things to consider include:

  • It’s relatively tolerant to shade and thrives well in warmer climates
  • Avoid cutting it too short or frequently
  • It requires proper care and pH balancing
  • It grows throughout the year before the lawn goes into a dormant state


Note that choosing the best type of sod for your landscape requires professional assistance. We welcome you to Atlanta Sod Farms, trust our sod specialists, and they will be able to guide and supply you with the highest quality sod in Atlanta today. For more information, get in touch with us now.

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