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Looking for Low-Hassle Aesthetic Grass? Try Atlanta Farm’s Zoysia Sod

If you’re like most people in Atlanta who want to keep their lawns looking good but don’t have the time to spend on maintenance, then Zoysia sod is your answer. In the past few years, zoysia sod has become more popular because the grass can tolerate a wide variety of temperatures and climates and is slow in growing. That makes it ideal for the hot climate of Atlanta plus it doesn't need a lot of special care, it can grow in almost all areas. What people need to understand is not all sod are the same there are many different varieties and where it comes from counts a lot.

A Little Bit About the Grass Associated with this Sod Type

Did you know that Zoysia is a type of creeping grass that is native to Japan and Korea? Besides its native area, it is found in many parts of Australia as well as Asia. They are well sought after because of its low growth rate, soft feel and smooth texture. It is good at covering surface features; it forms dense mat-like patches. This grass also helps in halting erosion on hilly areas and slopes and is a natural weed repellent. Besides that, if you were thinking what’s with the name, it was named after a Slovenian botanist Karl Von Zois. If you're looking to care for Zeon Zoysia, proper maintenance and watering techniques can help this grass thrive in your lawn.

Zoysia Grass Types, their Qualities and Uses

There are several types of Zoysia Grass Sod. Generally, they are resilient and can withstand fungus and weed growth, however, each of the different types has unique qualities that set them apart. Here at Atlanta Sod Farms, we have five and their traits are as follows:

Zeon: It is aesthetic and flourishes in the warm season.

Emerald: It is eye-candy to look at and is low maintenance.

Meyer: This Zoysia grass type can withstand relatively cold temperatures.

Empire: Its maintenance is comparatively easy and is weed resistant.

Jamur: This is a good grass for where there is a lot of treading/traffic as it recovers quite well.

As mentioned before its ability to withstand different conditions makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas. These include fairways and teeing areas in golf courses. People prefer its many varieties since it grows slowly, hence, does not need to be cut as often. It is tough, it does need much fertilizer like the other grasses found in the Atlanta area. The low maintenance and its ability to withstand the temperature variations of the region are making it even more popular among the people. You will find it common now in residential and commercial areas alike.

So, Who Sells Sod Near Me?

After hearing all the good things about Zoysia, you are probably wondering who sells sod near me? Being near is useful, but other factors need to be considered when taking on a company or farm that offers you sod. First, they need to have the variety that you are looking for, a farm that has a large variety of Zoysia shows they specialize in it. The more experience they have the better it is, but they should have start-to-finish services. This shows they are experts of all matters related to the cultivation of sod right to its implementation.  So, the next time you search sod farms,make sure to keep these points in mind.


We here at have all that and more. We have been in the business for 20 years and know sod better than anyone. Our customers’ satisfaction is our main goal. Contact us now for high-quality sod, personalized service and undivided attention.

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