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Tips For Keeping Weeds Out of Your Lawn as per The Top Atlanta Sod Company

Keeping a healthy lawn requires a lot of care, and a majority of the lawn care efforts are spent on maintaining it free from weeds. No matter where you are as a lawn enthusiast, you have to deal with the inevitable weed growth at one point. Like most lawn-related issues, prevention is the best cure and there are ways you can prevent a weed from taking over before it gets out of hand. At Sod Farm, we have come across otherwise healthy lawns subjected to damage from weeds. When your yard gets taken over by weeds, it is not just unsightly but can also be damaging to the health of the desirable plants, which is the grass in the case of a lawn. Weeds rob the soil of essential nutrients, and we at Atlanta Sod Farms always ensure that the sod we provide is free from weeds of all kinds. With that said, there are weed seeds in the soil, and they can germinate, so knowing how to control them is crucial. We have put together some tips for the most common weeds in Atlanta and ways to rid of them to help ensure that your lawn doesn’t get overrun by weeds, so read on.

Tips To Help Keep Weeds Out As Per The Top Atlanta Sod Company

Weed is any undesired plant that is either harmful to your grass or doesn’t provide the desired aesthetic appeal. So, in general, any plant that is not your grass or didn’t cultivate yourself needs to go. As one of the top Atlanta sod companies, we hate seeing homeowners struggling to protect their precious lawns from weed takeovers. So, to help them in keeping weeds out of their yards, here are some tips that they can put to use:

Don’t disturb the soil unnecessarily: As mentioned, there are dormant weed seeds in your lawn soil. As long as they stay buried under the ground, they can’t germinate and start growing and spreading. So, an excellent way to keep these seeds from getting exposed to light and air is by avoiding disturbing the soil. We only recommend using a sharp tool to cut off the roots of weeds and pull them out instead of digging. Because tilling the ground too much can do more harm than good in activating the dormant weeds in the dirt.

Don’t give weeds space to grow: The best defense against weeds after sod installation is making sure there aren’t any bare spots in your yard. Grass species such as celebration Bermuda grass, available at our farm, are ideal because they grow fast and quickly spread to cover empty areas. A thick and full lawn can eventually choke out weeds by not giving weeds any space to grow and get sunlight. Any weeds that do manage to grow in the grounds will be too weak or won’t survive long because a healthy lawn resists weeds on its own.

Keeping an eye out for grassy weeds: Sometimes, weeds may be hiding in the plane eye in the form of grassy weeds. Weeds such as wild onion and nutsedge can look like grass but can quickly take over the lawn. So, if you spot a grass that is taller than the rest of the grass and has a different coloration take steps to remove it before it spreads.

If you need more tips on keeping your lawn healthy, contact Atlanta Sod Farms at (404) 631-7610.

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