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Make Sure to Consider these Factors Before Hiring an Atlanta Sod Provider

Atlanta is a beautiful city and having a well-maintained yard in Atlanta is a dream come true for every garden enthusiast. With that being said, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you can start laying down sod in your yard. Hiring the professional Sod provider – is your best bet because we will offer you guidance and help you all the way. You can count on us to help you with choosing the correct type of sod for your yard. However, as the yard owner, it is up to you to consider the following things before you decide to lay sod in your yard.

Hiring the Reputed Atlanta Sod Company 

The most important factor in getting sod installed in your yard is picking the right company to hire for the process. You can do a Google search for Atlanta sod company and it will show many websites that are offering sod delivery services. However, it is not just about coming on a Google search is it? Factors such as experience, skill, good reviews, variety of sod are all things you need to consider, something we at Atlanta Sod Farms are proud of.

Mind the Sod Prices

Depending upon the size of your lawn and the type of sod you choose to install the cost for it can vary. We know our customers are looking for quality and good sod prices.

The Time of Sod Installation

The time of year in which you choose sod installation for your lawn is a major factor in determining whether the sod will grow properly or not. If the season is not right for the grass you are looking to grow, then it will not come out as expected. Although some species of sod such as Fescue sod can handle being planted during the colder season it is still recommended you wait for the temperatures to get warm enough before starting the sod laying process. You can search online, or you can speak directly to one of our expert advisors who will guide you on that.

Speed of Installation

Once you give us the order we deliver asap, the reason being the more time sod spends outside the ground the higher the chances of it going bad. However, if for some reason the installation process must be delayed, we being the experts know how to make the sod stay fresh and healthy. We keep the sod rolled up and while they are waiting to be installed, we unroll them often and apply water in case of a delayed installation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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