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About to Buy Jamur Zoysia Sod From Atlanta Sod Farms? Read This

Jamur Zoysia sod is one of the most drought-resistant Zoysia varieties, and here in Atlanta, Jamur Zoysia is popular due to its tough nature. Most homeowners in Atlanta want a sod that can handle kids and pets playing on it, and Jamur Zoysia fits that requirement perfectly. At Atlanta Sod Farms, we sell Jamur Zoysia and other types of Zoysia grass, and we have supplied this hardy grass to hundreds of lawns around Atlanta. One common question we get about Jamur Zoysia is whether it requires special care or maintenance to grow to its full potential. While this grass isn’t an especially difficult grass to maintain, we still have specific care requirements that we will share with you in this article.

Care Tips To Follow For Jamur Zoysia After Sod Installation

As mentioned above, Jamur Zoysia is a tough grass. You can expect it to survive drought and wear and tear pretty easily. However, just like any other Zoysia variety, by giving proper care to Jamur Zoysia sod after installation, you can ensure a beautiful-looking and healthy lawn. At Atlanta Sod, we offer Jamur Zoysia so with a bluish-green shade, and here is how you can ensure that this grass maintains its beautiful coloration:

Watering: While this grass is hardy and drought-resistant, you shouldn’t expose it to drought conditions if you want to achieve the perfect look and color for your lawn. When you have a sandy lawn, it is crucial to follow an irrigation schedule that involves watering your Jamur lawn every three days. However, if your lawn is less sandy, you can get away with watering your Jamur lawn every seven days. You should give 1 inch of water to this grass every seven days to achieve the perfect look for it. If your grass’s blades start getting narrow and start getting a greyish tint, it is a sign that it is not getting enough water and should be watered immediately. The best time to water your Jamur lawn is early morning because watering your lawn at night can lead to fungal growth in the lawn.

Mowing: When looking up Jamur sod for sale, you have probably looked up its mowing needs and you should know how to mow your lawn correctly. Mowing is a significant part of owning a lawn, and a Jamur lawn is no exception. You have to mow this grass as soon as it reaches 2 inches in length. Since this is a tough grass, it is not easy to trim it if it grows past 2 inches in length. You don’t have to pick the clipping from the lawn as long as it is not the very first mowing of the sod.

Fertilization: We recommend fertilizing Jamur Zoysia three times a year, once in spring, once in summer, and once in fall. During spring, you should give your lawn a high-nitrogen fertilizer. In summer, nitrogen phosphorous potassium fertilizer and winter fertilization involve giving a fall feed/fertilizer to preserve the grass during fall.

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