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Popular Kinds of Zoysia Sod For Atlanta Lawns (A guide by Atlanta Sod farms)

If you love having a lawn filled with lush green grass, you will probably be familiar with zoysia sod. Zoysia sod is one of the most popular sods in Atlanta and Sod Farms; this is one of our best-selling sods. If you are interested in buying Zoysia sod for your lawn, you should probably know about the different types of Zoysia grass best suited for Atlanta lawns. We sell high-quality Zoysia sod, and we have all the Zoysia sod varieties that are best suited for Atlanta weather. So, if you are wondering about the most popular types of Zoysia sod that you can get in Atlanta, read on.

Emerald Zoysia sod

If you are more hands-on with your lawn maintenance and have time to take care of your lawn, Emerald Zoysia sod is a perfect option. This beautiful dark green slow-growing Zoysia grass is as tough as it is lovely, and it is famous for its ability to handle Atlanta weather pretty well. This sod is also referred to as a hybrid Zoysia, and the most attractive trait of Emerald Zoysia is that it can go dormant during a prolonged drought. When the rains come back, or water is available, it starts to get back to its original glory. Since this grass originated from Georgia, it is a perfect option to consider if you want a Zoysia sod for your lawn.

Zeon Zoysia Sod

Like Emerald Zoysia Sod, Zeon Zoysia is also cultivated as an improved Zoysia variety. It is known for its strong genetic characteristics that make it suitable for Atlanta lawns. However, Zeon Zoysia is the complete opposite of Emerald Zoysia when it comes to maintenance needs as it is a low-maintenance sod. It is also one of the most beautiful grasses that can get lush green when it is fully established. Whether it is in the shade or sun, it is resilient to Atlanta weather, and there is a reason why this sod has reached every corner of the world with remarkable results. If these characteristics weren’t enough for you to fall in love with Zeon Zoysia, you don’t necessarily need a specific type of soil if you want to grow Zeon Zoysia. We have put down Zeon Zoysia for clients with all kinds of dirt on their lawns, and it can adjust to each soil type.

Empire Zoysia Sod: Empire Zoysia is not your average sod because while other sod varieties require plenty of water Empire Zoysia should only be watered when showing signs of dehydration. In fact, overwatering can even cause damage to the roots of Empire Zoysia; however, it is a strong pest-resistant sod. Therefore, it is a popular Zoysia sod in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia.

The above-mentioned Zoysia varieties have been around in Atlanta for many years, and you can find plenty of Zoysia lawns all around Atlanta. If you are looking for low-hassle aesthetic grass? Try Atlanta's Farm Zoysia Sod or if you plan on buying Zoysia sod for your lawn, get in touch with Atlanta sod farms at (404) 631-7610.

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