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Caring For Empire Zoysia as Per Top Atlanta Sod Company

Empire Zoysia is a Zoysia variety that is sure to make your lawn the envy of the whole neighborhood. With its low maintenance needs, it has become a great contender for Atlanta lawns, and at our Atlanta Sod, the Atlanta Sod Farms, this grass has seen a rise in demand. However, while it is true that Empire Zoysia is low maintenance, it does require proper care to show optimal growth results. We often get customers that are about to get Empire Zoysia or have recently put down this sod and are confused about how they can take proper care of this grass. To help anyone looking for Empire Zoysia care tips, and tips to transfer your Empire Zoysia sod into lush green grass, we have put together this article and suggest you read on.

Mowing Routine for Empire Zoysia Atlanta Sod

If you have picked Empire Zoysia as your Atlanta lawn’s sod, then chances are you are probably aware that it has particular mowing requirements. It is best to use a standard rotary mower or a high-quality reel mower to mow a lawn with Empire Zoysia in. Depending upon the appearance you want to achieve for your Empire Zoysia lawn, the mowing height can vary for this grass. For example, if you’re going to achieve a green and manicured look for your Empire Zoysia lawn, then short mowing is the way to go. Similarly, the amount of fertilizer being provided to Empire Zoysia can also affect the mowing frequency. If you fertilize your lawn heavily, then mowing after every ten days or weekly mowing might be needed. On the other hand, if you are not fertilizing your Empire Zoysia heavily, then you can go 3 to 4 weeks before your lawn needs to be mowed.

Watering your Empire Zoysia Sod

Watering is essential for newly laid Empire Zoysia; however, as your property establishes and grass develops a healthy root system, you can rely solely on rain for watering your lawn. When your Empire turf has just been laid down, it can need water every week or so. However, if there is no rain for a long time, then it is good to water your lawn to maintain its color. Even if your Empire turf goes brown, it will return to normal green as soon as rain arrives. So, in short, this grass should only be watered when needed, such as when it starts to show signs of drying. Besides, it is going to grow deeper roots in search of water.

Keeping harmful insects away

Insect control is an essential aspect of maintaining a lawn and an Empire turf requires insect protection as soon as sod installation is complete. There are many insects and pests that can attack Empire Zoysia and if you start to see signs of insect damage such as color loss or discoloration, it might be time to start insect control measures. You can contact our farm at (404) 631-7610 for more advice on how you can identify and fight off different types of pests from your Empire Zoysia lawn.

Are you looking for sod farms to buy Empire Zoysia? Just get in touch with us to get high-quality Empire turf for your lawn.

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