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How to Tell When it is Time to Buy New Sod From Atlanta Sod Farms?

When taken care of, grass can live for a long time, and since grass is a durable plant, you don't have to replace it often. However, there are situations when the grass can eventually become sick or get damaged, and you will have to lay down new sod in your lawn. Many yard owners come to us at Atlanta Sod Farms asking us about whether they should replace their turf with a new one. Some signs indicate when the time has come to replace your turf, and in this article, we at Sod Farms will explain how you can tell when to buy new sod.

Signs That You Need To Buy New Sod From An Atlanta Sod Company

While dying grass is not something you can miss, other signs indicate it is time to buy new sod from an Atlanta Sod company. These signs are mostly clear, and you can visibly tell that your turf has reached the point of no return. With that being said, here are some signs to look out for that tell you its time to get new sod:

Soil erosion

Sod does more than just look good; it holds the soil together and absorbs the moisture resulting from rainfall. However, if you start to notice large bare spots that turn muddy after a rain or you see mud flowing on your patio or driveway, it is a sign that the grass is no longer holding the soil together. The soil runoff becomes even more apparent after a big rainstorm as a large amount of rainfall can cause flooding in your yard, and the puddles may form that can range from small to large. So, if you notice that the sod is unable to hold the soil together due to large bare spots, then it is a sign that you should replace your yard's grass and buy new sod. Different types of sod may have varying abilities to hold soil together and absorb moisture, so choosing the right sod for your needs is essential.

Large dead spots

While small contained brown spots in your lawn are usually not a cause of concern and can resolve on their own, large dead areas, also called brown spots, may indicate a serious issue. These dead spots can be caused due to pest attack as insects can eat away the grass quickly, causing it to die out in large patches. If a large enough area of your lawn has dead grass, then chances are the grass may never grow back, and you will have to do a fresh sod installation.

Accelerated weed growth

Grass that is healthy and well established prevents weed from growing in your yard. However, if you have started noticing a lot of weed growth in your lawn, then it can be a sign that your grass has become too weak to keep the weed out. Therefore, the best solution would be to replace the weak grass with healthy and dense sod so that it can fight off the weed from your lawn. Are you looking online for sod companies near me? Get in touch with us at (404) 631-7610 for all your sod needs.

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