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Centipede Sod Farm – Everything You Need to Know about Centipede grass

The home or origin of Centipede grass is Southeast Asia, China. The first time it came to the United States was in 1916, using the seeds Frank N. Meyer collected from South China. Since then, Centipede grass has spread across the United States. In fact, it has spread along the Gulf Coast all the way to Texas, and from S. Carolina all the way to Florida. It has become so popular that if you live in Atlanta and type Sod suppliers you will see different companies, and they all will have the Centipede grass among their top sellers. We, Atlanta Sod Farms, will definitely be one of the top options and it is a leading centipede sod farm in Atlanta.

Why Centipede grass is Popular

The fame of this grass is because of its capacity to adapt to difficult environmental conditions, such as low fertility in the soil. Moreover, it requires less maintenance. Wherever this grass adapts, and even with proper management, there may be pest problems. This grass particularly grows well in acid solid and sandy soils. It adapts to cold easily and hence grows in places with temperatures about 5F. It does not survive in places with temperatures of less than 5F.

Description of Centipede grass

Centipede grass or Eremochloa ophiuroides (Munro) Hack (botanical name) looks like a coarse-textured grass. It is a perennial grass and spreads by stolons. The stolons have short upright stems and are creepers; hence the name "Centipede grass." This grass produces seeds that readily propagate. The grass has a yellow-green color and is sensitive to iron deficiency. When the centipede grass grows, it looks slender, has branching shafts, the roots have nodes, and it ends in slender flowering stems. Usually, the leaf blade is 15-33mm long, is 2-4mm wide, has a rounded blade, is flat, lanceolate, and petiolate. As an experienced centipede sod farm, we know what features the best centipede grass should have. If you want a garden with carpet grass that requires less maintenance and grows well, then this one is highly recommended. It can grow easily from seeds and it can be installed as sods without any hassles and risks. This is why most people prefer these sods. If you need professional advice, we are always here to help.

Best Quality Centipede Sod Farm

As producers of high-quality turf grasses, we understand the importance of having the purest centipede seed planting stock. When deciding where to purchase the seeds, you have to consider two main factors: things you need to know about centipede sod include its preference for acidic soil and its low maintenance requirements. Centipede grass is well-suited for lawns in Southern regions due to its heat tolerance and ability to thrive in sandy, acidic soils. Additionally, it has a slower growth rate, meaning less mowing is required compared to other grass varieties.

  • Purity
  • Germination


We are proud of the quality of Centipede grass that we provide to our customers. We ensure that the germination and purity of the seeds are amazing. We fumigate the fields on a rotating basis. Moreover, to maintain high quality, we use methods that help us evaluate seed purchases. The higher the number the better value you get at Atlanta Sod Farms.Place your order today. For further inquiries, feel free to call us.

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